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Photo Credit: beautyinthebag.com


Posted by 08.12.18

For over thirty years, June Jacobs has been a world-renowned spa visionary and beauty and wellness expert. Growing up steeped in Mediterranean tradition, June was captivated as a child by the uses of the ingredients local to her family’s ancestral home on the coast of the Caspian Sea. She observed the resourceful and beautiful women in her family utilize anti-oxidant rich ingredients for healing and beauty remedies as well as overall well-being.

Along with these passed down, traditions was the influence of physicians, inventors and merchants within her large family. June learned the importance of science, practical application, and technological innovation and began working as a consultant in the offices of several esteemed dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

While putting her daughter, Rochelle, through college, June built and sustained relationships with patients and grew her reputation in New York City among some of the finest cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. Afterward, it was time to execute her own dreams and visions. She set out with her daughter, now a businesswoman and self-confessed skin care junkie, to launch their own collection of luxury skin care products – June Jacobs Skin Care.

BITB spoke with June about her journey to creating her own skin care line and the products she can’t live without.


1. Tell us about your inspiration behind creating June Jacobs Skin Care. What have been some of the setbacks and greatest achievements along the way?

I grew up watching the women in my family create their own healing and beauty remedies using anti-oxidant rich ingredients sourced from our ancestral home on the coast of the Caspian Sea. I watched the women infuse green tea, white tea, red tea, pomegranate, grape seed and goji berry into daily creams and tonics resulting in youthful, glowing skin. I wanted to leverage the science behind the use of these ingredients and pay homage to the skincare rituals passed down through my family generationally, which lead to the creation of my exclusive patented anti-oxidant blend, featured in every June Jacobs product. This blend of extracts provides protection against free radicals while simultaneously making the active ingredients in the formulas even more effective.

One of my biggest achievements was opening up June Jacobs Labs, our contract manufacturing facility for June Jacobs and Peter Thomas Roth. This enabled us to come to market quickly with new, high-quality products. The investment in the lab was monetarily risky – requiring an investment in a large warehouse, state of the art manufacturing and employees (chemists, formulators, research & developers, supply chain, etc.), but I felt that the opportunity outweighed the risk. My main focus when it comes to my business has always been high quality skincare with superior ingredients. When it comes to working with 3rd party vendors, I could not get the transparency nor was the speed-to-market that I felt needed for my company. Many of my industry counterparts felt the same. I knew that ability to control the full product lifecycle from product ideation with a well-established R&D team, control over sourcing the finest of raw materials and fast & flexible distribution, was what I needed to do to propel the business forward.

2. How is your skincare line unique in terms of ingredients and formulations?

Each June Jacobs product contains our powerful patented blend of six anti-oxidants to combat the visible signs of premature aging. This unique anti-oxidant blend of extracts (white tea, red tea, green tea, goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed) provides protection against free radicals while simultaneously making the active ingredients even more effective. Free radicals are skin cell destroyers, trigger premature aging and cause sagging and wrinkles. Anti-oxidants are youth preservers, prevent cellular damage and are free radical defenders. Our exclusive blend of fruits and teas outperformed anti-oxidant activity against the most widely used ingredients. The collection of our exclusive patented blend provides superior protection as opposed to their individual counterparts. We have a 20-year skin care patent entitled “Anti-oxidant Compositions for the Cleansing and Conditioning of Skin,” Patent #9,126,061.

3. What is in your cosmetic bag and on your bathroom vanity? (be specific and name brands please).



Posted by 10.18.14

The Erno Laszlo Institute‘s Pure Pulsation and Pure Oxygen are two oxygen-rich treatments developed by Pure Flow founder and owner Andrew Barile, and each one accomplishes different things. Pure Pulsation offers synchronized compression of your blood vessels through an intense 40-minute treatment to increase circulation and pump oxygen into your body for detoxification, creation of new blood cells, and to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Pure Oxygen involves a hyperbaric oxygen tank.

“Pure Flow is a compression therapy,” says Barile. “What we’re doing is to monitor your heart rate, similar to a Polaris heart monitor. So we know when your heart is resting. It is mechanical and super precise, and massaging doesn’t give you that same increased pressure as this does,” he adds. Bottom line: you want the blood flow to go back to your heart. The idea here is to reduce your heart rate to promote efficiency. For example, many athletes, after years of conditioning their body, have a heart rate of 40 or 50 beats per minute. However, most people’s efficiencies are far lower, which is why this treatment would be most beneficial to them.

I received the Pure Pulsation treatment and it involved my slipping into a quilted garment and having cuffs around my arms and legs. My aesthetician hooked up a machine to the garment to enable it to pump oxygen into my legs. I’m not going to lie, this wasn’t a bed of roses: you feel the pressure. But after the 40-minute treatment, I felt noticeably more rested, as though I had taken some Concorde trip to St. Barths and back.



Now, what does this all have to do with beauty? Plenty. If we start at the source, good skin starts with a good heartbeat, since healthy heart function helps with practically everything — from cell turnover to stem-cell creation. These treatments also help with improving sleep, lessen jet lag, draining the lymphatic system, which helps remove waste and toxins from the body.

For a limited time, Pure Oxygen and Pure Pulsation are available as a single session for $100, or a pack of six for $480.


Photo Credit: P&G Family Home


Posted by 02.19.14

As seen on this morning’s NBC Today show, the P&G Family Home at Sochi is in full swing and offers Winter Olympics athletes, their moms, and their families a home away from home, including a full out salon with hair styling, makeovers, manicures, and moisturizing treatments.

As it did in Vancouver and London, P&G Family Home also provides athletes and their families everyday services (more than 1,200 hours in total), which in addition to beautifying includes changing stations for infants, mobile device charging Powermats from Duracell, and even dental care thanks to Crest and Oral-B. In the salon, Olay, Pantene, CoverGirl, and Wella give moms and their Olympic stars medal-winning looks.

Here are ways Team USA’s athletes are staying pretty.

Jamie Anderson Olympic Glam at Sochi and P&G Biathlon hair braidJaime Anderson gets braided at Sochi

Gold medalist Jamie Anderson visited the P&G Family Home and had her hair done up in red, white, and blue braids (officially called the “Biathlon Braid”). Anderson’s sister received a stars and stripes manicure, which we reproduced at home using the Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss (no base coat required!) in Ever Reddy (a true red), Snow Storm (white), and a patch of blue with Eternal Oceans.

Sochi Glam beauty tips and tricks

At home, cheer on the team with red, white, and blue eye makeup using multi-colored eyeliners. In the photo above, I’m wearing CoverGirl’s Ink It! in Aquamarine Plus beneath my eyes.

U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team member Ashley Wagner likes the multitasking benefits of  CoverGirl lipstick, which she slices and uses as eyeshadow for their staying power and the way it complements her dress. She also loves her Pantene hairspray.

J&J has presence at the games too. Synchronized swimmer Marya Koroleva protects her skin against the winter sun and uses SPF like its going out of style with Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30.It has just enough color to even out the redness of my face. It’s a great combination of moisturizer and foundation in one.” adding that she liked the SPF factor as well.



Photo Credit: neimanmarcus.com


Posted by 02.18.14

This year’s Neiman Marcus Beauty Awards winners hail from top skincare, fragrance, cosmetics, and hair care brands, including Sisley, YSL, Estee Lauder, La Mer, Laura Mercier, Clarisonic, Glamglow, Creed, Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford Beauty, Illuminage, and Alterna. BEAUTYINTHEBAG’s top 5 favorites among the winners are noted with an (*).

Skin Refiners

*Sisley-Paris Suypremÿa Eye ($310): Like the rest of the innovative Suypremya anti-aging line, Surpremya Eye is a luxe problem solver. It targets dark circles, puffiness, lack of firmness, crow’s feet, and wrinkles and you only need a few drops of this silky serum at nighttime.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II-($92) A perennial favorite, this newest edition to the ANR range contains the exclusive ChronoluxCB™ Technology to fight lines and wrinkles and retexturize skin while you sleep.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 ($43): Broad-spectrum protection that can take the place of foundation in 15 natural-looking complexion saving shades.

*Clarisionic Pedi ($199): This breakthrough home-care system for grooming the feet is always a winner.

Glamglow Mud Mask ($69): A celebrity top pick, this deep exfoliating facial mask leaves skin fresh, clean, and polished.

La Mer Creme de la Mer ($285): The original super anti-aging cream that started the uber prestige market, formulated with aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber’s Miracle Broth.

*Illuminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase ($60): Thanks to fabric fibers embedded with cooper oxide, this anti-aging pillowcase is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while you sleep.


Photo Credit: neimanmarcus.com

Photo Credit: neimanmarcus.com

Creed Aventus ($330): Olivier Creed’s potent fragrance for men is redolent of rich fruits with a touch of musk and oak moss.  $330

Bottega Veneta ($110): This women’s scent from the luxury leather brand evokes Bottega Veneta’s signature weaving with a leathery, floral, chypre scent.

Hair Savers

Photo Credit: neimanmarcus.com

Photo Credit: neimanmarcus.com

*Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Mist ($25): For beautiful, healthy, well nourished locks, Alterna offers sulfate-free solutions. This dry mist adds nutrients, antioxidants, prevents frizz, and enhances shine.

Best in Class Cosmetics

Photo Credit: neimanmarcus.com

Photo Credit: neimanmarcus.com

Yves St Laurent La Laque No22 Beige Leger ($27): The ultimate chic beige nail lacquer from the newly formulated Yves St Laurent Le Laque Couture Collection.

*Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Pink Dusk ($49): This very wearable pink lipstick with a touch of brownish mauve from the gorgeous Tom Ford Beauty collection is formulated to deliver the right balance of concentrated color and luminosity.

All of these award winners are available now on neimanmarcus.com.



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