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Posted by 12.24.17

Simplicity is beautiful, and that is exactly what Jennifer White had in mind when designing her natural beauty brand, One Over One. Created with a minimalist mindset, One Over One products are carefully crafted with natural and often organic ingredients; products are clean, simple, and designed to complement the effortless beauty of your everyday life.

BITB spoke with Jennifer about her inspiration behind the brand and what products she uses to keep her skin looking youthful and gorgeous.


1. Tell us your story. Who / what inspired you to create One Over One?

I have been questioning beauty norms for close to two decades. My work began in the late 90’s during a yearlong study abroad in Rome. As a budding photographer, I spent much of that year photographing myself in order to understand how the exterior world perceived me. These images, juxtaposed with clippings from magazines and photographs depicting contemporary and historical beauty icons, littered the pages of my sketchbook.

I was frustrated by the way media manipulated my understanding of beauty and at the same time was exploring how I defined beauty for myself. Was it clothing that made me beautiful, or was it my body? Did makeup enhance my features, or was I really beautiful without it? I honestly didn’t know.

The year after returning from Rome I met my husband. Our relationship helped me see that exterior facades decorated in fancy clothes and masked behind layers of makeup are not where our true beauty lies. Beauty is more abstract than what we exhibit on the outside. Beauty is in our minds, in how we choose to live our lives and is completely individual.

Motherhood deepened my commitment to internal beauty. Like most expecting mothers, I dedicated myself to eating well and nourishing my body with regular exercise and activity. I began to recognize the power of my body and trust the natural world. I eliminated chemical products from our lives and simplified our dependence on commercially produced products by making my own cleaning agents and cosmetics.

At the same time, I realized that I am not super mom. I can’t cook homemade meals every night, run a business, and be hyper-conscious about what products we include in our lives. I need balance, time with friends, and also time for myself. I need to be real.

For me, this need for balance meant returning to my artistic pursuits and the work I started in my twenties—reinventing and reimagining beauty norms—with the maturity and experience only life can give you. I created One Over One as an homage to beauty, ritual, and a celebration of womanhood in our own image.

2. As a beauty expert, you probably take great care of your skin. What products do you recommend most to your clients and why?

I do take care of my skin and am very passionate about it. In fact, I am so passionate that I created a line of natural skincare that launched this fall called Amareta. My partner and I were very diligent about what ingredients we included in the formulas and spent more than a year developing the line. The line is designed to be used as hormones shift and change throughout the month, and address the effects seen on your skin. I use our Petal Soft Cleansing balm with my Clarisonic 2-3 times per week. I follow up with our Balancing Toner, Serum Lotion, and Ultra Moisturizing Cream. I don’t wash my face with soap until the third week in my cycle. Then I use the Brightening Gel Cleanser and replace the Serum Lotion with our Clarifying Serum. I also try to do our Detox Mask around that time of the month as well.

3. What is in your cosmetic bag and on your bathroom vanity?

We are always developing new products so there are always lab samples in very ugly packaging littering my bathroom vanity. I don’t wear makeup most days, and opt for a great lip balm, except for our ONE OVER ONE lip oils that I always carry with me, I also love Henné Organics, and some hand cream which I often make myself following a recipe I found on Mommypotamus. If I am going out, I throw on a little One Over One, and then a true red lip from Ritual de Fille. This is my little homage to French elegance. I also use a bit of Glossier’s Boy Brow from time to time.


Posted by 09.08.13

Samantha Addonizio is a successful lawyer and hands-on mom to her two active boys, yet she spends whatever spare time she has in her kitchen concocting food-based skincare products.  Addonizio first started experimenting when one of her sons developed eczema and the doctor-recommended treatments seemed to make things worse, instead of better. But that was then, now her company,KYI, Inc., which is short for Know Your Ingredients, boasts a growing product line and a legion of devoted fans.

She took time out of her hectic schedule to talk with Beauty in the Bag about why it’s important to K-Y-I.


How do you define beauty?

I identify beauty in a person when that person exudes naturalness and confidence. Beauty to me is minimal, natural; its stands on its merits.

What is your company’s signature product?

KYI’s three flagship products are really our signature: whole food products that nourish your skin the way that whole grains, vegetables, and fruits nourish your body. These include a whipped shea butter mask, sweet almond softening oil, and argan oil serum with vitamin C.

How did you get started in the beauty business?

I started making my own whole food beauty products after I had my first child. He suffered from eczema and nothing worked, not even the products the dermatologist recommended. In fact, they seemed to hurt him when applied. So I started focusing on what was in my skincare products. I started looking for products that were minimal and contained the equivalent of “whole food.” I had trouble finding them so I started making my own. I shared them with friends and I was overwhelmed by the demand for these types of products and I started KYI.

What sets you apart from others in your space?

In a word, honesty. We want the consumer to focus on the ingredients. So we are really 100% honest about our ingredients and what our products are. When you look closer at labels that say “natural” or “organic,” you notice that most are of the ingredients are NOT 100% natural or organic. They contain preservatives, emulsifiers. and other additives such as synthetic fragrances. KYI does use organic ingredients when they are available, but our products are not 100% organic, and we do not label the products as “organic.”

Who is your beauty inspiration?

Everyday women who look natural and down to earth. I appreciate not only the simplicity of that type of beauty, but also its ease. It could be a woman in a business suit on the train or one behind a counter at the deli; if she is fresh and natural, I can’t help notice the beauty that shines through. And that is what inspires me to make my products.

What is your beauty mantra?

KISS: Keep it simple silly.

What are your next steps?

KYI is focusing on getting the word out to consumers and raising awareness regarding what they are putting on their skin. Once consumers start reading ingredient labels, we believe they will demand better quality, whole food skincare products. We are working to become available where everyday women shop. Knowing your ingredients doesn’t help if you can’t find them in the products you like!

How did you create your Argan Oil Serum with Vitamin C?

A few years back, I had generic argan oil that I used for my hair all the time. I ran out of face moisturizer one day and the argan oil was handy so I thought “why not?” Once I tried it, I never went back to regular face cream again—I loved the way the oil was quickly absorbed, how my skin felt all day, but I did miss my vitamin C and the way it smoothed lines and brightened my skin. So I did some research about vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. I learned that it is water soluble and not very stable so that most forms used in beauty products have to be modified slightly to be stable. In just days, ascorbic acid can turn from being an anti-oxidant to an oxidant when used in beauty formulation. After further research, I found a newer form of vitamin C, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, which is very stable and oil soluble. I added some to my argan oil and wow! After a few weeks, I noticed that it worked better than previous vitamin C products when a pesky line I had between my brows started softening. I started sharing with family and friends and all of them had similar reactions.

Do your kids help create products?

As much as they would love to … no. They are supportive (they asked me to make KYI t-shirts for them so they can advertise) and are the biggest fans of the Whipped Shea Butter, which they keep in their back packs and sports bags and use on everything from chapped lips, to sunburn, and to aid in super quick healing of their scrapes and cuts.




Posted by 04.22.13

Earth Day is a great time to evaluate your carbon footprint, including how your beauty products impact the environment. Your skin and overall health will benefit from the green choices you make.

“You’ve made the switch to organic fruits and veggies. So if you don’t put toxic chemicals in your mouth, you shouldn’t slather them on your face and body either. My general rule: if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t buy it,” says  Madeline Breen, manager for The Nature Conservancy

It’s equally important to choose packaging that is kind to Mother Earth. “You can leave a lighter footprint on our landfills by looking for brands that choose recyclable materials in their packaging,” Breen says.

Luckily, the selection of eco-friendly products just gets better and better each year. Here are a few initiatives to help you support Earth Day 2013.

Aveda’s Global Cut-A-Thon for Earth Day

Aveda for Earth Month Global Cut a ThonWatch this amazing and heart-warming video to see Aveda’s Earth Month support of clean water initiatives. And today, Earth Day, the beauty company plans to set the Guinness World Record with the World’s Largest Cut-A-Thon for the most money ever raised for a charity by haircuts during a 24 hour period.  The global cut-a-thon will tap Aveda stylists in salons worldwide—from Tokyo to Sydney, Moscow to London, and New York to Los Angeles—who are volunteering their time to offer haircuts in return for a donation to the annual Aveda Earth Month campaign. The idea behind this campaign is to raise $5 million for clean water in April 2013. To find out where you can go and support your local Aveda, click on the Aveda Earth Month Events calendar.

KYI Argan Oil Serum with Vitamin C ($45)


Join the crowd and experience a “Eureka” moment with this anti-ager from Know Your Ingredients, a brand dedicated to “minimally processed” and “whole food” skin products. It contains an oil-soluble form of vitamin C that is easily absorbed and said to boost collagen production 50% better than other vitamin C products. Formulated for daily use, the serum is available in an orange/grapefruit scent or unscented.

Coola Organic Suncare Collection Unscented Sunscreen Spray ($32)

Coola Unscented Suncreen Spray SPF 30

An all-new offering, the unscented sunscreen spray from Coola offers SPF 30 protection and a melange of organic inactive ingredients to hydrate and protect your skin. The Farm to Face spray includes cucumber, algae and strawberry extracts, as well as red raspberry seed oil, which is a natural sunscreen protectant and anti-inflammatory ingredient. The spray is also available in Mimosa and Pina Coolada versions.

Alba Botanica Travel Minis ($2.99-$3.29)


Photo Credit: LuckyVitamin.com

For the constant traveler who wants to give some love to the environment, Alba Botanica offers new travel-sized items including towelettes in 10-count travel packs, mini deodorants, shave creams, and body lotions. The Hawaiian 3-in-1 Clean Travel Towelettes are great on the go and give you a fresh clean feeling with pore-refining pineapple and papaya enzymes that remove oil ($2.99). The Very Emollient mini Lavender Sunscreen ($3.95) smells like a field, offers broad spectrum protection, and is formulated with chamomile to soothe skin. It’s also water resistant for 80 minutes. The Tea Tree and Lavender Clear Enzyme Mini Deodorant Sticks ($3.29 each) are chemical and preservative free, as are the Mango Vanilla and Coconut Lime Very Emollient Mini Shaving Cream ($3.29). Mini never felt this good.

 Bond No. 9 I Love New York for Earth Day ($175 for 100 ml, $105 for 50 ml)

I_Love_New_York_For_Earth_Day_Hires_largePhoto Credit: Bond No. 9

New York State knows a thing or two about being green (despite what you may think). It’s become a recycling city, and has plenty of community parks. Thanks to several bike paths and public transport options, the city’s gas consumption is surprisingly low. Bond N0. 9 has launched the first I Love New York for Earth Day to commemorate the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day. With notes of tuberose, tangerine, orange flower water, and tropical orchid, as well as lily of the valley and orris, this is a beautifully heady and warm scent with a musk, amber, and sandalwood drydown. The fragrance arrived on counters April 1 and is available at Saks Fifth Avenue and BondNo9.com.

Urban Decay Good Karma Brushes ($20-$39 each)

Urban Decay Good Karma Brushes for Earth Day

The idea of vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty free brushes had us at hello, but Urban Decay is taking this karmic thing one notch higher this Earth Day by giving us Good Karma Brushes each in a magnetic box fashioned out of recycled egg cartons. Not only do these beauties look and feel like eco works of art (you’ll want to snap the lid shut again and again), the super-soft synthetic brush hair—which apparently does not hold on to bacteria the way porous animal hair does—is made from recycled PET bottles. The gunmetal brush handles are eco friendly as well, and made from  recycled aluminum. Plus, the Good Karma Brushes come with various names like Multi Tasker and Blending Brush so you can really figure out what they’re for. Pick up an egg carton filled with one classic brush each at Macy’s, ULTA, Beauty.com, and UrbanDecay.com.

Jason for Earth Day

I’ve always loved the Jason skin, body, and hair care products because they’re completely free of parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, petrolatum, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, and sodium myreth sulfate. It’s a worthy brand to support all year round and for Earth Month the brand has teamed up with actress Kristin Chenoweth to kick off the Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project. For every new LIKE on Jason’s Facebook page from April 1s to APril 30, one tree will be planted via the Canopy Project.

Origins for Earth Month Limited Edition Products ($19 each)

Origins for Earth Month Limited Edition

To celebrate Earth Month, Origins created four limited-edition skincare products that are powered by nature. In collaboration with the American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program, a tree will be planted for each limited edition sold between April 21 and April 28. The skincare collection includes: Clear Improvement (an active charcoal mask); Drink Up Intensive (a nourishing and hydrating mask ); Modern Friction (a gentle dermabrasion); Checks and Balances (a frothy face wash).

Nourish Organic Raw Shea Butter ($12)

New from Nourish Organic, a 100% USDA certified organic beauty and personal care brand sold at Whole Foods and Ulta,  is Organic Raw Shea Butter, which contains absolutely nothing but organic shea butter. Possibly the best moisturizer on the planet, shea butter eases irritated, dry, and chapped skin, and can be used on the face, body, and even hair. The line, which we absolutely love Nourish Organic because it is pure to its very core, including its fragrances. Now that’s a gift straight from Mother Nature.




Posted by 07.19.09






Dr. Dayan is an award winning, board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, who practices in Chicago. He specializes in facial plastic surgery including rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, facelifts, eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), chin implants, lip augmentation, and fat transfers. Dr. Dayan is also an active educator and researcher who has conducted sponsored research for FDA approval that has been instrumental to the advancement of non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, which are becoming the fastest growing segment of cosmetic medicine.


What goes into creating a great nose?

My driving goal is to make my patient happy, not the mother-in-law, my colleagues or the nurses. Most people do not necessarily want a Da Vinci inspired, over constructed nose that is significantly different from the one they started with. The goal is to give each person the type of nose they want that fits their face. I find computer imaging software to be a great communication tool which helps me to better understand my patient’s desires. I will often show a few different options of what their nose could look like to see what aesthetic they find most favorable. Almost always it is a nose similar to what they have now, but smaller and more symmetrical. My years as a plastic surgeon and terra cotta clay sculptor have helped me to better understand facial angles and proportions. In general, the aesthetic goal is to create a nose that is in balance with the rest of the facial features and not steering attention away from the eyes.  Ideally, the eyes should be the focus of the face and the nose overlooked as it blends in with the rest of the face.

How is your technique different?  What kind of recovery time is involved?

Closed, closed, closed is the way to go! In a closed approach rhinoplasty, all incisions are made on the inside and are not visible. Healing time is generally much faster, swelling is reduced, and the outcome is a smaller nose that fits within context of the face.  Most people return to work within 5 to 7 days with no outward signs of having undergone a procedure. Bruising is minimal at most and packing of the nose is not necessary. The closed approach is able to reduce the size of the nose and still maintain the structural support within, but it is technically a more difficult approach so it requires a surgeon with a great deal of experience and knowledge of the internal nasal framework. But when done properly, a happier patient is often the result.

For patients who are not ready for invasive fixes, are there other solutions you suggest for noses?

Those seeking a quick fix to their nose may have heard about the “non-surgical nose job.”  Generally, this is when either a filler (Restylane®, Radiesse®, Juvederm®) or Botox® is used to change the shape of the nose. While this is a valid option for some people, for most adding filler or Botox® to the nose will not achieve the smaller more refined nose they may be seeking. Fillers can be used to create better symmetry and proportion to the nose but will actually make the nose bigger. In fact, it may put the nose at risk for skin damage and scarring. If you are thinking of undergoing a surgical rhinoplasty then a non-surgical nose job should be avoided. A surgical procedure is much more likely to achieve your goal and a filler in the nose can cause permanent skin damage, making a subsequent surgical procedure more difficult.  If you are completely opposed to surgery or can not undergo surgery for medical reasons than consulting with a qualified and experienced physician is a good idea prior to undergoing a non-surgical nose job.

Which celebrities have the most attractive noses?

The celebrity photo that patients most commonly bring in for me to see is Ashley Simpson. Clearly she has achieved a great result with her rhinoplasty as it has improved the overall appearance of her face. I think she is a good example of how a closed approach rhinoplasty achieves the aesthetic results desired rather quickly. Second to Ashley is Halle Berry who has a nose that would look appropriate on many types of faces.

You do a lot of non-invasive anti-aging work. What are some of the most popular requests?

Minimally invasive, no downtime procedures are the most in demand cosmetic procedures today. The number one non-invasive cosmetic medicine procedure in America is Botox®, hands down. Like aspirin, antibiotics and insulin before it, I believe that Botox® is a revolutionary drug and has changed the way a whole generation views cosmetic medicine. Second to Botox® in the world of non-invasive cosmetic medicine are fillers. Other popular non-invasive procedures include laser treatments to reduce red blemishes, dark spots and wrinkles.

For patients who want to turn back the hands of time, what is the magical age about which they ask?

Three years ago we conducted a study that asked 100 women between the ages of 49 to 51 in both L.A. and Chicago at what age they thought a woman looked her best. Interestingly, the number we got from the L.A. woman differed from the Chicago woman! In L.A. our cohort of woman thought the ideal age was 26, while in Chicago our group defined 35 as the ideal age. My experience is that most women who come in desiring to look better don’t ask for a specific age; rather they just want to look like a better version of themselves. Most women are happy if they can look 5 to 10 years younger. With cosmetic medicine; though, the goal is to not make someone look better. I argue that my job is to make someone feel better. It is a big difference and although it can be related it may not necessarily be so. I discuss this concept in detail in my book, Instant Beauty.

With the uncertain economy impacting discretionary income, what can consumers do to beautify on a budget?

There are low cost, minimal downtime, non-surgical options offered by qualified experts. As a patient/consumer, you just need to know how to package it to get the most bang for you buck.

Some suggestions that I give my patients include:

  1. Deep FX laser

Stimulate your skin to deeper levels with results that continue to improve for months.  Restore the collagen and brightness to your face, neck and décolleté. Greatly reduce wrinkles, and blemish from years of sun-damage and stress.

  1. Standard Process (Dermatrophin) nutritional supplements

This product contains vitamins and extracts that support cellular health. It helps to support healthy skin function, which is important while the skin is healing after a deep resurfacing treatment. It is great for skin conditions such as dry, cracked skin and even acne.

  1. Dermaquest Post-skin Resurfacing Kit

This kit will enhance the results even further by offering a healthy environment for skin to repair itself in. This kit contains topical anti-oxidants, a collagen-activating serum, and Skin Vitalight to further even out skin tone and a moisturizer containing SPF 30, which is vital after any peeling treatment.

Campanile Plastic Surgery offers
cosmetic plastic surgery in Denver, Colorado including popular procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and other breast and body surgery options. The practicealso features some of the latest medical-grade skincare services and products including BOTOX Cosmetic and OBAGI Medical.

Urinary Catheter – AA Supply Solutions has a wide range of ostomy and catheter supplies available for either personal or professional use. They sell medical supplies in bulk or individually and can help with all of your male or female catheterization needs.

Houston Electric Wheelchair – Our Durable Medical Equipment retail and rental divisions consist of three fully equipped stores, each with a vast array of medical equipment, wheelchairs (for sale & rent) and other Complex Rehab related products. Whether it is a lift chair, or a reacher, Active American Mobility is able to meet virtually every medical equipment need.

Houston Botox Treatments – Expression lines may be caused by either conscious or unconscious expressions. Dynamic expression lines can be extremely aging. Botox treatments are injected into the muscles, where they block the nerve impulses responsible for the muscle contractions that can cause wrinkles. Transformation MediSpa has wrinkle and line treatments that can help.

If you are interested in learning more about getting straighter teeth, feel free to schedule aconsultation with our orthodontist. Our West London OrthodontistDr. Kyi specializes in straightening her patients teeth with lingual braces, hidden braces, incognito braces and invisalign London. Dr. Kyi is an experienced orhodontist practicing in West London. We have helped patients from all over London get straighter teeth and the smile that they’ve always wanted. If you are interested in learning more about getting straighter teeth, feel free to schedule a consultation with our orthodontist.

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Personal Trainer Personal Trainer and Fitness Training in south London.

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