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How can I reduce the shine in my oily T-Zone?

The T-Zone is the area of the face that runs from the forehead, down the nose, to the chin, where oil glands are most plentiful. Some surface grease on the skin is normal. It has the job of lubricating the outer layer of the skin and keeping it protected. Most people who suffer from excess grease see the bulk of it on the forehead and nose. This happens to be the most common location for acne. Your forehead oil will be reduced by most acne treatments, which have the tendency to be slightly drying. Humidity and temperatures can wreak havoc on your T-zone as well, leaving it shinier when the thermometer rises. If you’re active and enjoy sports, perspiration and activity may cause excessive shine.  If your acne breakouts are localized around your chin and jaw line, your phone might be the culprit. Cleanse the mouthpiece and receiver every morning with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Don’t let the phone rest between your chin and shoulder and keep it away from your skin.

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  1. TWA Says:

    DDF Glycolic Pads are great for your t-zone and exfoliation.

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