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If you’ve ever colored, highlighted, straightened, heat-styled or had a day of (unprotected) fun in the sun, odds are your hair is at least a little bit damaged. Throw in towels and pillowcases made of unfriendly fabrics, and you have all the ingredients for dry, brittle, breakage-prone strands.

Fret not, because according to Teresa Probst, Color Director at New York City’s Varin Salon, a major haircut isn’t the only way to eliminate hair damage. “Prevention goes a long way for preserving the health of your hair, even if you subject it to chemical processing or thrice-weekly blowouts,” she says. “The keys are to replenish lost moisture and shield your hair from the environmental factors that affect its look and feel, just as you do with your skin.” With this advice in mind, do your strands a favor by incorporating at least a few of these coif-cosseting products into your regular routine.

Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins ($25)
Odds are your diet doesn’t include all the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to reach its fullest growth potential. This potent blend of biotin, amino acids, collagen, horsetail, silica, niacin and vitamins A, B12 and D works to promote a healthy scalp that, in turn, yields healthy hair. Even more, its antioxidants offer protection against the environmental factors that can stand between you and long, luscious locks as it helps strengthen the hair you already have.


NIGHT Pillow ($150)
Are you making the most of your beauty sleep? If you’re snoozing on a regular pillowcase, you’re not doing your hair (or your skin) any favors. Designed for maximum comfort regardless of your sleep position and covered in luxurious silk, this memory-foam pillow minimizes the tugging and friction that lead to bed-head come morning—and the hair damage (and wrinkles) that can develop over time.


Dyson Supersonic ($400)
Truly the Rolls-Royce of hairdryers, Dyson’s Supersonic features an innovative design that reduces the hair damage caused by heat-styling. The high-tech motor produces unparalleled airflow to keep drying time to a minimum, while three speed settings and four temperature options help you tailor this tool for the needs of your hair—or your desired style on a given day. As an added bonus, it’s super-lightweight so it spares your arms and shoulders as well.


Oribe Signature Moisture Mask ($63)
Oribe’s hair-hydrating treatment is a professional go-to for myriad reasons. Its ultra-rich cream consistency has the power to make even the driest, frizziest, most damaged hair as smooth as silk—and the scent is second to none. Five to 10 minutes once a week is enough to meet most hair needs, but those with thick, coarse hair can feel free to indulge daily.


Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban ($30)
Sorry to break it to you, but drying your hair with a regular towel is likely leading to hair breakage. Traditional towel fibers also rough up the hairs’ outer cuticle, which is the main cause of frizz. To sidestep these potential problems, invest in a towel designed to be gentle on your hair as it absorbs excess moisture. Aquis offers a variety of options, but we’re partial to the turban because it stays securely in place (and makes you look glamorously retro while you’re getting ready).


Eufora Nourish Fortifi Keratin Repair ($24)
Keratin is the primary protein building block of your hair, and supplementing your strands with more of it can help restructure damaged strands—and literally smooth things over. Ideal for pre-styling protection, this light mist contains heat-activated keratin to increase your hair’s strength and elasticity (whether it’s damaged or not) and its anti-static effect helps prevent flyaways and tame unruly tresses.


Rene Furterer Hair Renewal Ritual (Price varies by salon)
This French professional-based haircare brand offers customized multi-step “rituals” that span the spectrum of hair types (i.e dry, oily, thinning, etc.) but those with brittle, damaged hair can most benefit from a treatment that utilizes the Absolue Kératine range of products. Formulated with plant-derived keratin, camelina oil and biocymentine, the Leave-In Cream penetrates the hair shaft to restore strength, softness and shine, so ask for it by name!



NOTE: Hairfinity, Aquis and Eufora products were provided for review. All opinions are my own.

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