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04-24-13 | Posted by

MakeUp by Modiface (Free, available on iPhone and Android)
It’s a mad, mad app world and beauty is no exception. With a click of your fingertips you can choose a perfect lipstick color, update your skincare regimen, or choose a new hairstyle. And don’t forget about booking a spa treatment on the go. This spring, beauty is more accessible than ever with handy and…free…beauty apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android.

MakeUp by Modiface

The newest version of MakeUp takes virtual makeovers to a whole new level. Additional hairstyles and new methods for sizing help create the coif of your dreams. With tate-of-the art cosmetics and makeup stimulation, you can try out new looks in thousands of colors and shades without an Internet connection. Simply upload a photo of yourself and select a lipstick, blush, foundation, mascara, eye shadows, and liner colors. Once you find the perfect color combination, you can email the result and product list to yourself, post it on Facebook to get your friends’ opinions, or purchase directly from your phone.

My Own App (Free, available on iPhone and Android)

This patent-pending, diagnostic tool brings the ability to measure and track your skin health to your fingertips. The app analyzes uploaded photos and provides a clinical evaluation of the major signs of aging, as well as nutrition, wellness, and beauty recommendations based. My Own partnered with a Silicon Valley software company that specializes in dermatological clinical photography and facial recognition technology to develop the app’s alogorithims. My Own can give you a comprehensive assessment of the major signs of aging like fine and deep lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

InStyle Hairstyle Try On (Free, available on iPad)

Put down the blow dryer and the bobby pins—and try on a virtual hairstyle first. Adjust a celebrity hairstyle to suit you or use the app’s auto-detect technology to determine your face shape and pick one for you. You can share the results, get tips on achieving the look, and find an InStyle-approved salon, all on your phone. The premium version gives you 250 more styles and styles selected by the magazine’s editors, personalized recommendations, and new looks every two weeks.

Beautylish (Free, available on iPhone and Android)

Chock full of makeup tips, nail trends, and step-by-step hairstyle guides, consumers and makeup artists flock to this app from online beauty destination Beautylish. If you fall in love with a new eye shadow palette or curling iron, use this app to make sure it’s right for you: beauty lovers may have already reviewed the product you’ve been wondering about. The app is updated daily.

Bloom BeautyTrends (Free, available on iPhone)

Get out of your beauty rut with the free Bloom BeautyTrends app. Paparazzi photos arent’ cutting it for makeup and hair inspiration? Browse skincare, hair, and other beauty trends from beauty professionals a read their recommendations right on your phone.

perSKINality (Free, available on iPhone and iPad)

If you live in an area without easy access to a great dermatologist, this app is for you. Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields (from Proactiv Solution) created this app to help you solve everyday skin issues from the comfort of your phone. Fill out a questionnaire first, then, upload a photo of yourself without makeup. The app will target specific areas of your face for assessment (wrinkles, age spots, discoloration, for example), and give you a customized skincare plan and product suggestions.

PRIMP (Free, available on iPhone. Available on Android Spring 2013)

Tired of buying makeup, not liking it, and ending up discarding it and wasting all your money and time? Well those days are over with PRIMP (“Pretty in my Pocket”). The PRIMP app offers at-your-fingertip info on more than 100,000 beauty and cosmetic finds—whatever your budget. A simple search or a quick barcode scan leads you to reviews from friends and fellow PRIMP members. You can also catch up on the latest makeup trends from in-the-know beauty professionals and add all of their favorite and recommended products to your virtual beauty bag. PRIMP lets you create a personalized beauty profile where you can browse reviews, explore “Looks” of photos uploaded by Primpers, and perks such as product discounts. Follow fellow PRIMP users for product inspiration and check out beauty bags of friends and experts.

SpaFinder Last Minute

Not an app, but a new addition to the digital beauty world, this just launched online service provides an affordable way to experience the best spas, salons, and fitness studios. Through it, you can book same-day and next-day appointments at deeply discounted rated in New York, Miami, and Chicago. Venues include the Guerlain Spa, Cornelia Spa, The Elemis Spa, and the Valeo Spa among many, many more. Last Minute will expand to Los Angeles and Dallas by June 1 and roll out to seven more cities by fall 2013. Check out this video for more info.

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