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08-05-14 | Posted by

Summer is coming to an end, a lot quicker than most of us want it to. Although we still have the hot, humid, hazy days of August to get through, summer 2014’s days are decidedly numbered.

Extend your summer beauty regime well into fall and beyond with our top picks for transitional grooming for skin, hair, body, legs, eyes, and nails.
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This luxurious bronzing powder-gel will keep that sunkissed glow well into the autumn in a single brush stroke.Apply where the sun naturally hits your face for the most natural look—cheekbones,forehead,nose,chin,decollete,shoulders.

2. HAIR – PHYTO SUBTIL ELIXIR INTENSE NUTRITION SHINE OIL ($38):- Featherweight oil that helps recondition hair that has suffered from sun damage, saltwalter, chlorine and a summer with buns and scrunchies.

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3. BODY – ULTRASHAPE V3®: Keep your beach body all year round with the NEW UltraShape® V3 treatment from Syneron Medical. UltraShape targets your deep (subcutaneous) fat with focused ultrasound without the heat, cold, pain, or downtime of other non-surgical fat reduction devices. Three sessions of 45 minutes, spaced 2 weeks apart and your svelte midriff will stay bikini-ready all year long. According to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon David Amron, “For people struggling with stubborn belly fat, UltraShape® is a remarkably fast, effective, and long lasting solution. I am able to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results with virtually no side effects.” Cost is approximately $800-$1,000 per session. Find an Authorized UltraShape Treatment Center near you at ultrashape.com.

4. LEGS -  SILK’N FLASH&GO FREEDOMâ„¢ HAIR REMOVAL ($199): Just because summer is ending soon, there is no excuse not to keep your legs silky smooth and hair-free. Do it easily at home, on your own time, with the clinical benefits of pulsed light for hair removal. Silkn’s Flash&Go has a built-in safety mechanism that prevents over treating or using the device on the wrong skin type.

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5. EYES – BOTOX® COSMETIC: Got lines and wrinkles from squinting in the sun? No prob. A little BOTOX® will do ya’. BOTOX® Cosmetic is the only botulinum toxin that is FDA cleared for smoothing crow’s feet. Treatment takes about 15-30 minutes and results last 3-4 months. “Crow’s feet, or lateral canthal lines, are caused by repeated muscle contractions over time, as in smiling and squinting,” said oculoplastic surgeon Steven Fagien in Boca Raton, FL. “By preventing muscle activity, BOTOX® reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the skin.” Cost is approximately $300-$00 per area. Find a BOTOX® Cosmetic doctor near you at botoxcosmetic.com.

6. NAILS – CND VINYLUX® WEEKLY POLISH ($9.95): Just because you will soon be packing up those open-toed pumps and strappy sandals, doesn’t mean your pedi shouldn’t always look great. With CND Vinylux, all you need is 15 minutes per week to keep toes (and hands) looking glam. It’s a novel 2-step application—paint on your color of choice (that is, if you can pick just one from 76 gorge shades), repeat with a second coat if you want to, and finish with the CND Top Coat that seals in polish like the pros do. No base coat required.

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