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11-14-19 | Posted by

In case you haven’t noticed, supplements are having a major moment right now—and we’re not just talking about multivitamins that ensure you’re getting all the basic nutrients your body needs to function properly. The demand for hyper-specific supplements that come along with promises to help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals has yielded a seemingly endless array of options, and gummy-based formulas are taking center stage. It’s actually no surprise considering the candy-averse world we’re living in, and these chewy supplements work double-duty as an indulgence for your sweet tooth in addition to being a potential way to improve your skin, hair and overall state of mind.

Help your hair: Hairfinity Candilocks Chewable Hair Vitamins
Follicle-friendly nutrients like biotin, horsetail and choline (an amino acid) plus vitamins A, B12 and D is a recipe for healthier, stronger, longer hair—and you can get your daily dose with these cherry-flavored gummies. Free of artificial colors, this vegetarian formula also provides antioxidant benefits while optimizing hair growth.


Up your vegetable intake: 8Greens Gummies
Are you eating all of your vegetables? Odds are you’re not. With these super-concentrated chewable supplements, you get all the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals you’d get by consuming a hefty amount of spinach, wheatgrass, kale, blue-green algae, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass and aloe vera. Each dose contains as much vitamin B6 as six cups of spinach, as much B12 as seven cups of milk, as much B5 as 15 cups of broccoli, as much vitamin C as six cups of oranges and as much zinc as three cups of raw peas—in just two easy-to-ingest gummies.


Get your CBD fix: Lord Jones Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops
If tinctures or vaping aren’t your thing, you can get your daily dose of calming, non-psychoactive CBD in this beautifully-packaged confectionary form. Made with natural fruit flavors and high-quality, lab-tested, broad-spectrum CBD extract (20 mg per gumdrop, to be exact), you can’t go wrong with this permanent staple of the Lord Jones collection—although you’ll be tempted to try all of the limited-edition and seasonal offerings as well.


Boost skin hydration: HUM Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow
Beauty comes from within, and these radiance- and hydration-enhancing supplements can improve the look and feel of your skin from the inside-out. Featuring a blend of hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain moisture and vitamin C for its antioxidant and collagen-promoting benefits (and a delicious tangerine flavor), skincare has never tasted so good.



Sleep soundly: SugarBear Sleep
There’s no such thing as too much beauty sleep, and these berry-flavored gummies are almost too cute to eat. Packed with melatonin, magnesium, valerian root and 5-HTP to help regulate your sleep cycle and promote relaxation come bedtime, they’re also free of soy and gluten as well as artificial flavors and sweeteners so you can rest even easier.


Care for your collagen: MAV Nutrition Extra Strength Collagen Gummies
A little extra collagen can go a long way for your skin, hair and nails—and just two of these sweet treats a day serve up a meaningful dose of two types of collagen, biotin, antioxidant selenium and inflammation-fighting zinc along with vitamins C and E. Made with natural fruit flavors, each bottle contains an assortment of strawberry, blackberry, blueberry and raspberry to keep things interesting.


Environmental protection: Sundaily The Base Layer
There’s no such thing as too much free-radical protection, and you can think of these gummies as your daily topical antioxidant’s wingman. Featuring Polypodium leucotomos, a tropical fern extract that has been shown to help the skin stand up to environmental assaults like UV rays and pollution (as well as stress), one gummy a day just might help up your anti-aging efforts by supporting collagen, promoting skin elasticity and enhancing smooth surface texture.

Note: HUM Nutrition and SugarBear products were provided for review. All other products were purchased or sampled in store. All opinions are my own.

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