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01-13-15 | Posted by

For those who don’t like to trek to their aesthetician or dermatologist to get their dose of sloughing, there are some great at-home microdermabrasion alternatives available.  This breed of exfoliators range from the intensive for weekly use, to the more gentle for daily use. They smooth away the dead cells and dirt that accumulate on the surface of the skin which makes it look and feel dull and lifeless.

Here are five ways to exfoliate in the privacy of your own home:




Scrub Investment: For those who like products that do double duty, try Origins’ GinZing scrub cleanser ($19.50) which is formulated with Panax ginseng and caffeine that also energizes the skin like your daily Power Bar. The scrub also unclogs pores, and thanks to the natural essential oils of grapefruit, lemon and spearmint, your face will smell citrusy but not in an overpowering way.





Personal Microderm Gadget: With professional treatments for microdermabrasion running around $200, it becomes more cost-effective to plunk down a one time similar fee and get a gadget like the GLO Portable Microdermabrasion to use at home ($179). A wand with a diamond tip whirrs away the top surface layers of the skin in 5-10 minutes and all you need to purchase are the disposable tips. As an added convenience, it is portable enough to be stashed in your purse so you can travel with it.





Power Particles: This addictive ocean blue skin-refining scrub contains lactic, alpha and beta hydroxy acids plus vitamins C and E to slough away debris and oil for smoother, clearer skin. ZO Medical Vitascrub Invigorating Foaming Scrub ($80) is ideal for regular exfoliation for blemish prone skin, and is thick enough to be used on face, chest, shoulders, arms and legs without irritation.




Exfoliating Mask: For a deeper, weekly treatment that is packaged into a luxurious mask, try tarte’s Amazonian Clay Double Detox Exfoliating Facial Mask ($38) which functions as a detox treatment as well as an exfoliating treatment. It’s a rich and thick mask treatment that harnesses the power of Amazonian clay and surprisingly doesn’t dry out the skin as one might think.





Really Refined Scrub: A ultra refined scrub with almost atomic-sized microparticles, like Benefit’s Refined Finish Facial Polish ($23), is a good idea if you want something really gentle on your face. Benefit’s polish also contains clay and seaweed extract which is mineral-rich, an added bonus feature. This is a best bet for sensitive skin types too. As a rule, the tinier the particles, the gentler on your pores.







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