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Men are obsessed by it. Women are embarrassed by it. Hair loss affects over 50 million Americans, including over 45% of the female population amounting to 20+ million women.

It’s not just considered unsightly and aging; hair loss has a huge psychological impact on how people feel about themselves. But there is something we can do about it. Hormonal changes are one of the key causes of hair loss in women. Menopause, for example, can make hair grow slower and fall out too due to estrogen iron deficiency. Thyroid disease is amongst the top causes too. So just to be clear, do go and see your general practitioner if you are experiencing hair loss that is not related to medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

“For decades, there was a misconception that hair loss was a problem specific to men, thankfully, today, female hair loss is no longer taboo, and more women are embracing the new technologies available to treat their thinning hair,” says Boca Raton hair restoration surgeon, Alan Bauman, MD. Women often experience hair loss as thinning rather than balding and therefore think it’s not really a problem. In fact, women can actually inherit a hair-loss gene. “Today men and women have an abundance of options, ranging from topical treatments like Minoxidil to laser therapy, nutritionals, and of course, hair transplantation,” says Bauman

As for topical treatment, Rogaine for Women so far is the only product that’s been approved by the FDA. It’s backed by long-term studies that show how its key ingredient Minoxidil stops hair loss and encourages growth. Please note that once you start using it, you have to stay committed because hair loss will begin again and growth will stop if you discontinue.

If you are in need of a quick fix, try Infinity Hair Solution on clean hair; it’s tiny fibers bind to your natural hair and make it appear thicker and fuller. You have to buy the color that matches your hair and sometimes that means buying more than one bottle to mix and match to create the perfect tone.

There are also a plethora of options in the world of extensions, wigs and weaves. Lucinda Ellery Consultancy, a London-based salon specializing in hair restoration services for over 25 years, just opened a location in Beverly Hills. It’s signature service The Intralace™ System entails integrating a mesh between the existing hair and the scalp to which panels of human hair are added. No need to cut or shave hair for this service that requires a maintenance appointment every six to eight weeks.

Wigs comprise two major categories: natural and synthetic hair. Natural human hair wigs are much pricier and range from around $1,000 to $12,000. A good place to start looking is The Head Shop Wigs that sells a wide range of styles, hair type, and color. Synthetic wigs on the other hand can easily cost less than $100 and can look just as good. Check out Wigs.com, Jon Renau, Henry Margu, and Aspen Wigs for price-friendly options.

Natural hair wigs last longer, and can endure things like blow dryers and perms that the synthetic ones can’t, but the difference in cost is so huge that you could easily buy a plenitude of synthetic wigs in place of one natural one. But no matter what kind of wig you’re buying, be sure and have it trimmed while you’re wearing it. All wigs are intentionally a bit overstuffed; so get your hairdresser to give it some love.

And do remember, a well placed scarf and hat won’t take care of this issue—but you can darn well look chic while trying to resolve it.


  1. emilieandrew Says:

    Good solutions. however, i would like to know if hair transplant can be performed for females. i recently happened to see a website which provide hair transplant and have separate pages for men and women. So it means females can also take hair transplant right? Here is that website http://www.seagerhairtransplant.com/

  2. charles123 Says:

    Alopecia androgenetica, it is a female hereditary hair loss. For some women start balding early as teenage years, probably due to the hormonal changes that occur during puberty (menstruation, etc.) The woman experiencing hair gradually and almost imperceptibly, disappears and thins out. The pattern is always seen over the scalp and / or down along the sides – whereas the hair of the neck, almost always intact.Both men and women can go for hair transplantation.For more information visit here: http://www.hairclinic.ae/fue-hair-transplants

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