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Is there a little too much bounce to your thigh, padding in your belly, or jiggle in your arm? If diet and exercise have not delivered the tone you want, never fear, invasive liposuction or other surgical procedures aren’t the only options. This week, in celebration of BITB’s 5th birthday, our 5 Fab Ways feature explores minimally invasive firming and toning technology as well as the latest topical firming treatments.


Believe it or not, one of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted fat is freezing. CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is an FDA approved fat buster touted to whittle your waist and mow down a muffin top without anesthesia or surgery. It works by freezing areas of fat, destroying the fat cells and causing them to shrink up and die, never to appear again.

“Coolsculpting is based on Cryolipolysis, which is defined as controlled cooling rather than heating to target and eliminate fat cells. It lowers the temperature to transform your fat cells from liquids to solids. The fat cells are thus destroyed and processed by the liver and then resorbed by the body over the next several months,” says Boston dermatologist Dr. Michael Kaminer.

Not for a quick weight loss method or alternative to liposuction, CoolSculpting is great for treating love handles, muffin tops, and tummies. Treatment time runs about one hour per area (i.e., two hours for two love handles) and you can expect about 20% reduction in fat deposits per treatment. You can return to work right after treatment and expect to see noticeable results in two to four months. Getting rid of fat does not come cheap—one treatment costs roughly $1,500 and three per area are recommended for best results.


Cellulite affects 95% of women sometime in their lifetime but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the lumpy, bumpy, and dimpled skin that appears on the thighs, buttocks, and stomach. CelluSmooth™ by Sciton®, a premier minimally invasive laser device that treats cellulite, produces long lasting results with minimal bruising and discomfort.

It uses a 1319 nm laser wavelength in 3 distinct modes that cut fibrous septae (fibers that connect the skin and can stiffen and pull down skin), emulsify fat, and tighten the dermis to improve the appearance of lumpy and dimpled skin.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and you will be able to walk out of the office immediately after. Before starting the procedure, the doctor will map out the high and low points of the bumps on your skin. Then, through tiny incisions, the doctor will insert a cannula attached to the laser. Final results will emerge in three to four months and you can expect to see 70% improvement with just one treatment. It’s developers claim it improves cellulite in one-half to one-third the time of other minimally invasive procedures on the market.


Like CelluSmooth, Cellulazeâ„¢ by Cynosure targets the causes of cellulite, in this case the herniated pockets of fat, stiffened septae (fibers that support the skin), and thin skin.

Local anesthesia is required for the treatment, which entails a couple of small incisions through which a tiny tube is inserted under the skin. The tube includes a tiny laser-fiber that heats the skin and disrupts or melts the fat. It also releases the septae or fibrous bands that cause dimpling when they pull down on the skin.

Expect some bruising and soreness, as if you had a tough workout. Improvements aren’t immediate; it could take up to three months to see results, but remember they are long lasting. The one-time treatment costs roughly between $6,000 and $10,000, depending upon your location.

Clinical results have shown the Cellulaze also increases the thickness of skin by 25% and increases elasticity by 29% one year after treatment.


A decrease in elastin is a key cause of facial wrinkles as well as contributing to unwanted jiggle in behinds, thighs, and stomachs. Topical products can help create a more toned appearance. Look for products that feature elastin promoters, such as lemon thyme extract, oata beta glucan, and caffeine. Clarins has an range of nine body firming products to help tame the bounce. We like, Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream ($62), which lifts, tones and helps improve skin’s natural elasticity.

Caffeine is also a key ingredient in treatments that target cellulite. Sisley Phyto-Svelt Global ($210) features a medley of caffeine, coriander see extract, bitter orange blossom extract, and cedrol to support the mechanisms of fat elimination, while it combats water retention.


After you have cleared up the bumps and lumps make sure the canvas on which your smooth skin appears is free of discolorations as well. ZO® Skin Health Oraser Body Emulsion ($80) minimizes discoloration with a blend of glucosamine, retinol and Matrixyl 3000. Together, they boost cellular turnover, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and decrease hyperpigmentation.

Oraser is perfect to use during the transition from summer to winter when the skin becomes more dry yet still suffers from spots resulting from sun damage. The hydrating formula combines lactic acid and antioxidants to repair skin skin’s moisture barrier and remove dead surface cells, smoothing rough, dry patches for radiant, soft skin.


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