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10-18-13 | Posted by

Moisturizing and protecting our faces has become second nature, but when it comes to our hands, not so much. Dry and cracked skin, and even signs of age can be minimized or eliminated with a great hand cream.

Dry skin on hands can result from a variety of environmental factors such as harsh weather, central heating, repetitive hand washing, or diminished oil production over time. It’s important to put moisture back into your skin and protect it so that your hands stay hydrated, smooth, and youthful.

Perlier Smoothing Hand Cream

Photo Credit: perlier.com

For dull-looking hands, Perlier Smoothing Hand Cream ($18) offers a solution. The cream infuses natural alpha hydroxy acids extracted from Mediterranean Sicilian citrus with vitamins and antioxidants to brighten, smooth, and reveal uniform and radiant looking skin. The lightweight cream aborbs easily, while the zingy scent of oranges, tangerines, and lemons is the perfect pick-me-up anytime of the day.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

Photo Credit: clarinsusa.com

Both your hands and nails need extra TLC, and Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream ($30) is a great dual-task option to soften, comfort, and soothe chapped skin in addition to strengthening and conditioning cuticles and nails for youthful-looking hands. The cream contains emollient-rich sesame oil and Japanese mulberry to help shield the skin from evaporating moisture and damaging elements.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream

Photo Credit: josiemarancosmetics.com

Hands that need extra moisture can benefit from Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream ($22), which contains argan oil whipped into a buttery texture as well as shea butter to hydrate and improve skin texture. It’s packed with vitamin E and fatty acids that help protect skin from premature aging.

L’OCCITANE Brightening Hand Care SPF 15

Photo Credit: usa.loccitane.com

Of all the elements that our hands our exposed to, UV rays are the most damaging in terms premature aging. L’OCCITANE Brightening Hand Care SPF 15 is a great option to protect hands from everyday exposure to the sun. UV filters defend skin, while daisy extract and vitamin C works to minimize the appearance of sun spots and freckles. The cream also contains immortelle essential oil, which stimulates collagen production to promote smoother, fuller looking skin.

While they are easy to overlook, hand creams are essential for youthful hands, delivering hydration and creating a protective barrier against elements.

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