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06-08-13 | Posted by

It may be tempting to ditch your body moisturizer when temperatures are rising, but summer is all about baring your arms, legs, and shoulders, which require good hydration to stay smooth and soft (drinking lots of fluids doesn’t hurt, either). According to body language experts, smooth skin gives you a substantial confidence boost because you look and feel good about yourself.

We consulted with skin care expert, Dr. Franziska Ringpfeil of the Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology in Philadelphia, and compiled a list of must-have moisturizers this summer. Here are four distinctive and completely different body moisturizing formulations to help you get through summer with dazzling skin (and increased confidence, because skin and emotions are directly correlated).

La Mer The Body Creme ($230)

La Prairie calls this Neiman Marcus Beauty award winner a “seaweed wrap in a jar.” An intense hydrator, the cream infuses the skin with moisture and breaks the cycle of dehydration—it is even lightweight enough to use during the summer months. It contains an exclusive micro-algae complex to comfort the skin upon contact, and gives you the therapeutic benefits of the ocean. The blue algae ferment promotes suppleness too.

Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer ($6.99)

Photo Credit: Jergens.com

The tall bottle with the green pump and signature Jergens logo promised me 24 hours of straight moisture, and my skin hardly felt dry and needy throughout the day. Daily Moisture is the ideal solution for women who want all-day hydration and a clean fragrance (think: zesty citrus, and nothing too artificial and cloying). Made with hydrolyzed silk proteins, this is specifically for women who have dry, rough skin, and want skin smooth as proverbial silk. The formula is energizing, with notes of fresh sorbet, fressia and lily of the valley. There is also a fragrance-free version.

Dove Deep Moisture Nutrium Body Wash ($4.49; for women with sensitive skin)

Photo Credit: dove.com

The new wave of Dove body washes contain glycinate, which is an ultra-mild ingredient that is typically found in luxury skincare products. Glycinate creates an extremely mild, lathering formula that is ideal for sensitive skins. The entire idea behind the Deep Moisture Nutrium Body Wash is that despite its mild qualities, it has a superior cleaning component with a formula that is enriching and nourishing, not drying. This body wash has the texture of a dollop of thick yogurt, and smells clean and fresh.

Carmex Hydrating Lotion ($5)

Carmex Hydrating LotionFrom pollution to humidity, a host of environmental aggressors can cause dry skin. Now, Carmex (yes, the brand that created your favorite lip tube), has created a beautiful body hydration lotion with a fast-acting, long-lasting fix for dryness. The idea behind the lotion is microemulsification, and the result is a lightweight lotion that’s greaseless and smells quite wonderful. It has vitamin E in the formulation, as well as an aloe concentration that is 200 times what you would find in an aloe plant (so it’s great for sunburned skin as well).

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