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12-03-16 | Posted by

There are a multitude of beauty gizmos and gadgets out there and truth be told, I’m a fan of more than a few. My latest, greatest finds make me wonder how I ever lived without them in the first place:

Kelley Quan The Pocket Spa ($85) is a compact, refillable on-the-go humidifier that will leave you with a healthier, younger-looking, dewy-fresh complexion 24/7 and make you say bye-bye dry forever. Thanks to nano-technology it hydrates and moisturizes your skin by turning plain water into a super-fine micro-mist of tiny water droplets small enough to penetrate your skin and replenish it. Skin will look healthier, be more even-toned and look dewy-fresh all the time. I keep one in my bag for instant refreshment anywhere, anytime. It can and should be used under makeup, over makeup and anytime you need a quick pick-me-up.



Conair Infiiniti Pro Diamond Brilliance Hot Paddle Brush ($49.99) makes it so easy to have silky smooth, super shiny, frizz-free straight hair, no matter what your hair type. Diamond ceramic technology combines with ionic technology and heat activated bristles so the hair of your dreams is easier than ever to achieve in very little time. The paddle brush design provides more contact with hair so faster results are practically guaranteed. Since my hair is naturally wavy and tends to frizz I’ve been a slave to my flat iron to make those unwelcome imperfections disappear. This is a no-brainer for those that want to all-over smoothness and a lacquer-like shine or for someone who is looking to tone down any unwanted unruliness. The best part about it? It’s as easy as brushing your hair.



Beauty Bioscience GloPro Beauty Facial Tool ($199) gently exfoliates, boosts cell turnover and improve the look of lines and wrinkles by triggering collagen production, tightening skin and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles by way of a stainless steel, micro-tipped micro-needling roller head. It actually creates microscopic and imperceptible injury to your skin and as your body heals itself, your skin gets stronger and looks fresher and younger. It also stands out from the pack because it combines LED red light therapy directly into the tool to help smooth the skin’s texture and up its ability to absorb topical products more efficiently. It can be used as little as 2 times a week or up to 7 days a week for those with certain skin types. Only use on a thoroughly cleansed complexion and follow up with anti-aging skincare products if desired.



Color Me Sonic Pro Edition Makeup Applicator ($68) is the new battery operated foundation sponge that easily and seamlessly taps on, buffs in and blends out your makeup for a flawless, airbrushed, natural-looking finish, ideal for those like me who prefer the “no makeup” makeup look. This little gadget is so versatile, it works with all different types of formulas — you can use it with powder or liquid foundations, BB and CC creams and concealers too. The sponge’s strategic narrow tip also makes it extra easy to perfect the smaller areas of your face including the inner eye and under eye area, around the nose, brow bone and chin.


NOTE: Kelley Quan Pocket Spa, The Conair Infinity Pro Diamond Brilliance Hot Paddle Brush and the Color Me Sonic Makeup Applicator were sent for review. The Beauty Bioscience GloPro Beauty Facial Tool was tested in store. Opinions are my own.

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