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03-08-12 | Posted by

Life is complicated enough without skincare regimens that require numerous products and steps like serum, daytime moisturizer, nighttime moisturizer and eye cream. That’s why New York dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas created an all-in-one efficacious anti-aging treatment called 37 Extreme Actives ($295).

As the name implies, 37 Extreme Actives features 37 active ingredients that address the most important aspects of anti-aging including free radicals, wrinkles, brown blotches, redness, DNA degradation, cellular slow down, barrier function fortification, moisturization and enhancement of collagen and other dermal components.

“I found it wasteful that consumers needed to purchase so many products in order to get all the needed ingredients on their skin because each product delivered so few actives,” stated Dr. Macrene. “My expertise thoroughly allowed me to evaluate a myriad of new ingredients for their proven safety and effectiveness, yet incisively determine the best for inclusion in a comprehensive product logically designed to address all the different aspects of skin aging.”

Key ingredients include peptides, ergothioneine, glucosamine, amino acids, bisabolol, resveratrol, sodium hyaluronate, plankton, soy, coffee extracts, polyphenols, sodium lactate dimethicone and more.

37 Extreme Actives replaces the need for serum, day and night moisturizers and eye cream. The special needs of each part of the face are micro-targeted with microencapsulated ingredients, making the cream safe to apply all over the face, even on crow’s feet.

With a booming practice in Manhattan, Dr. Macrene holds three Harvard degrees – a BA, an MD, and a PhD in genetics. “My varied scientific background allows me to efficiently and aptly scour the scientific literature and critically evaluate new molecules for their efficacy, yet with the knowledge and judgment to predict potential safety issues far in advance,” she stated. The list of ingredients can be seen at www.drmacrene.com. With her on-going research, the formulation is updated annually.

The original 37 Extreme Actives is intended for all skin types, but consumers requested an even richer formulation. For those with mature or dry skin types, 37 Extreme Actives Extra Rich ($295) raises the bar boosting the number of actives from 37 to 50.

“The take-home message for my customer is you can have it all in one product – uncompromising standard, uncompromising results and exceptional feel. I say 37 Extreme Actives is the one-step skincare solution that does the thinking for you and is generous to your skin,” stated Dr. Macrene.

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