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06-14-17 | Posted by

While clean skin, barely there makeup and wash and go hair is a “lighten up” summer staple beauty look that we all know and love, there are also some “notice-me” looks that are trending and shouldn’t be overlooked. They’ll definitely be getting some playing time from me this summer:

HIGHLIGHTED HAIR: Highlights are one of the easiest face-flattering ways to lighten up your look this season, but if you’re not sure you are ready to take the plunge or don’t want the commitment of sticking with one look you can always go the temporary route with ColorWow Root Cover Up ($34.50). I initially used it in a medium brown shade to camouflage my roots and it worked brilliantly so I experimented with the light brown for some face framing highlights and I fell in love with them. For the most natural looking highlights you’ll want to go a shade or two lighter than your base color or you can make a bold statement with a much lighter hue. If you have existing highlights you’ll also love that you can use it to refresh them until you are ready to get them done again. This multi-dimension, water-resistant mineral powder formula looks completely natural and doesn’t come out until you shampoo it out. Amazingly, you can even sleep, swim and sweat in it. To apply, firmly press brush into roots. Continue pressing motion where desired, applying more powder as needed.


A BRIGHTER CAT EYE: Make a statement with your eye makeup with a twist on the cat eye. Instead of doing it the usual way — with black gel liner — switch things up by applying a liquid or gel, shimmery light or bright colored liner for a lighter and brighter eye-opening effect. To do, create a wing on your upper lash line with your color of choice. Then, dust eyeshadow in the same color family on your browbone and the inner corners of your eyes. Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner ($33) is available in over 30 shades including the usual ones as well as lighter shades like pale pink, golden peach and shimmery silver, and brighter hues such as cherry pink, teal green and orange. This liner has a very high color payoff, 12-hour waterproof wear, glides on easily and is formulated with skin nurturing rosehip seed oil and vitamin E.


GLISTENING GLITTER: Though glitter is usually reserved for festive holiday makeup looks it was in abundance on many a summer 2017 runway show including the likes of DKNY, Rodarte and Fendi, and it adorned everything from lips to cuticles to faces, too. A versatile glitter that can be used on the face and body alike is Make Up For Ever Glitters ($15). To give it some staying power, spray the area you’re applying it to with some water or dab it on using a wet brush. The finely ground particles are super lightweight and catch the light at the drop of a hat so use it sparingly…or go wild. Available in numerous shades including opalescent, bright berry red, gun metal, yellow gold and the beautiful tan shade shown here.



NOTE: ColorWow Root Cover Up was sent for review. Other beauty products mentioned were tested in store. Opinions are my own.

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