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Photo Credit: Aqua Spa


05-02-14 | Posted by

Body care can be pretty blase if you’re stuck in the same rut. Over the years I have turned to my creamy body butters, shower gels, and soaps out of a sense of duty, but never really putting my heart and soul into the routine. It wasn’t for the lack of good products either, but rather the feeling that many of the products were just one trick ponies or for the need for something a bit more refreshing.

Here are three new products that will truly transform your body care routine:

Aqua Spa Bath Oil ($9.99)

I firmly believe in a bath, over a shower, for that relaxing, muscle-calming state. Aqua Spa, a new bath and body line that is available on Amazon.com, offers three ranges of Bath Soak, Bath Oil, Body Cleanser, and a CrΓ¨me, which really calm and help you luxuriate without costing you a mortgage payment (each product retails for $9.99). All products feature a marine youth complex and contain silicone, zinc, copper for skin elasticity, magnesium for skin’s structural integrity, iron, and polypeptides. The lines include: a citrus and ginger version called Energize;Β a lavender and chamomile called Relax; and a eucalyptus and mint version to Soothe.Β The Bath Oil is my favorite: slip a silky capful into your bath and leave completely moisturized.

DISROBE Body Lotion by Sunday Riley ($65)

Disrobe by Sunday Riley

Who wouldn’t love to disrobe to beautiful bare skin? This lotion hydrates, and penetrates better than most and also exfoliates to leave beautiful skin. The ingredients include humectants, which pull moisture into the skin; squalene, which helps lock hydration in place; and also shea butter, which makes the lotion creamy but light enough that it’s not sticky. This is a beautiful lotion that does multitasking without pretense, and gives the body a nice toned look as well. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but it will transform your routine.

H2O Plus Oasis Body Cleansing Water Β ($25)


This is one of my all-time favorite cleansers, and true to its name. It acts as a cleansing water but also lathers up gently too, and it does so without stripping the body of its protective oils or the natural lipid barrier. On top of it all, it is paraben-free and is goes on like silk on skin. Just a little dollop is enough for a pretty generous lather, and the soft and pleasing smell and color doesn’t hurt either.



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