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03-04-13 | Posted by

Prepare yourself for another awesome Gorgeous Giveaway! It’s from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which you may know because of Anastasia Soare’s expert brow creations. But peek past the tweezers and you will find another amazing talent, a top notch makeup line, which combines daring colors and expert applicators to create a powerful look. That’s why this week, BeautyInTheBaggers, you’re in for a real treat. We’re giving away three (3) Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Eye Kits (a $36 value).

This is a two tiered prize to beautify your eyes in every area. First, there is the eyebrow kit, which comes with brow powder, pomade, a mini brush, and mini tweezers to create flattering eyebrows in seconds. You can use combinations of these tools to sculpt and color your brows for the perfect look. The pomade and the powder also can be combined to line your lashes for a more intense gaze.

When you open up the shadow palette, you will find four velvety and shimmery eye shadows in versatile neutrals: a sheer beige, a shimmery apricot, a matte taupe, and a sparkly dark chocolate. Using wet or dry layers with the dual sided application brush, you can create any look from a sheer neutral to a nude smoky eye.

With all natural ingredients like brown algae, diamond powder, sea whip extract, and macadamia derivative, Anastasia not only gives you the tools to be beautiful, but ensures that your skin remains smooth and hydrated.

This palette looks great with any skin tone or complexion. The Bold & Beautiful Kit is a perfect addition to any collection especially if you are aiming for an intense without trying to hard look. Standard rules apply, so don’t miss out on this beauty giveaway! Enter now with your answer to this week’s question!

To Enter: The Bold & Beautiful Kit is all about the power of neutrals. When do you like to sport a natural look?

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  1. yadi25cast Says:

    I go natural m-f I like to spice up my makeup on the weekends though.


    I sport the natural lokk when at the gym

  3. miznique Says:

    I own a gym so its important to look natural.

  4. dmoon13 Says:

    I think the natural look is great any time.

  5. Cynthia Says:

    I like to sport the natural look during the day.

  6. koalafrog47 Says:

    I sport the natural look when I’m traveling. Like, for example, if I’m on a long plane ride or in a car for a cross-state trip. Completely natural (aka no make up at all) is for days when I go to the gym.

  7. abbygabbie Says:

    I usually always sport a natural look, unless I’m going out for a night on the town and then I like to go a little bold ♥

  8. AvaMaureen Says:

    I like to sport a natural look on my days off, while hiking,teaching figure skating lessons or spending time with my family.

  9. timzgurl1 Says:

    I always where the natural look! but love love love makeup when i get a chance to go somewhere

  10. jennalusk Says:

    Day to day is not a natural look. Maybe thats because i tend to buy bright and colorful. But theres nothing less glam than a perfectly done neutral face.

  11. lilibeelee Says:

    I do the neutral thing pretty much daily its my go to. Love Anastasia! LOVE the products swear by them!

  12. lkats16 Says:

    In the daytime

  13. mchoneycutt Says:

    We I’m awake–hahaha

  14. lmnop99 Says:

    I sport a natural look when I know I’m outside in the sun for a long time..so trips to the park, day at the zoo or outing at the lake…no one wants to see “raccoon eyes” when I take my sunglasses off.

  15. jmiranda181 Says:

    I always sport a natural look when I am at the gym, just running errands, traveling or babysitting my nephew. Natural means easy and beautiful.

  16. pixiestixpet Says:

    When I’m having a good hair day and my spirits up extra upbeat is when I like sporting a natural look so my natural beauty gets to shine!

  17. njf288 Says:

    I sport a natural look everyday of the week unless I am going out or have a wedding or something to go to

  18. roamer367 Says:

    I love a natural look most of time I wear make-up and also while I am at work. If something comes up I can always change my make-up to be more dramatic.

  19. shutterbugg711 Says:

    At work.

  20. porschepuppy Says:

    I sport a natural look every day unless its a special occasion.

  21. Jenren89 Says:

    I like sporting a natural look when I want to let my true skin shine through… but with a little extra glow!! 🙂


    I sport the natural look when on vacation

  23. rajee Says:

    I need natural look for the whole day

  24. sweetmatcha Says:

    i love the natural look when i hang out with my friends, run errands, or take my kids to the park/beach!

  25. jcravenho Says:

    I like to sport a natural look on the weekends. During the week when I go to work I like to wear a full face makeup look. But on weekends I just like to be natural while running errands or lounging around.

  26. gmhampton Says:

    I go with a natural look every day!

  27. mefink Says:

    I like the natural look around the house.

  28. ShawnaMichelle2 Says:

    I like to sport a natural look pretty much all the time except special occassions and date night.

  29. Jamie C. Says:

    I Like to sport to a Natural look on a day to day basis because less is More, I might wear a bold lip every now and then with my natural look and the only time I won’t use a natural look if it’s for a Special event or a Night out.


    I sport the natural look when playing with my children

  31. ewalsh Says:

    I like the natural look everyday.

  32. marebecaq Says:

    I like to have a natural look all the time !

  33. camillespillman Says:

    I sport a natural look daily, especially for work. Then go all glam for night outs.

  34. cmcounsil Says:

    i use a natural look most of the time.

  35. meenatangy Says:

    I sport one ever day at work. also when I am out and about like at the gym, running errands. going to the grocery store, etc.. always good to sport a natural look!

  36. Sara Campbell Says:

    I try to sport the natural look at work. I do a little extra on the days I do not have to work.

  37. rayray Says:

    in the day time or when just hanging out around the house

  38. christal65 Says:

    love love love it. I love the new shades and combinations

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