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01-01-13 | Posted by

The great thing about the New Year is it’s a chance to start fresh. You can swear off old habits and work on adopting new healthy routines. It’s a time to vow to eat more greens, drink less alcohol, or learn to meditate. While resolutions may be challenging to keep, they are worthwhile as a reminder of what’s important to you.

Beauty focused as we are, the Beauty in the Bag team has taken stock of our own makeup and skincare routines. Believe it or not, even beauty experts have room to improve. Here are our 2013 beauty resolutions, made with determination to create a more beautiful, brighter us in 2013.

Wendy, Editor in Chief: My beauty resolutions are simple: to eat better, walk more, and sleep enough. Stress can put a damper on your beauty routines and really ages your skin. I’m resolved to get away from my desk and airport lounges more so I can have my daily dose of vitamin D from spending time outside. Oh, and did I mention that I am thinking about having something done to my neck this year?

Dorene, Managing Editor: Oh, where should I start? I vow to diligently remove all makeup every night, not just around my eyes. And as for those ever-increasing sun spots—a childhood spent at the beach has its cost—I vow to begin treating them with elure. Also, I promise to break the beauty editor’s code and actually start wearing more makeup. When I was 20, makeup aged me, but now it really helps.

Jackie, Features Editor: Since the New Year is all about bringing in the new and letting the old slip away, my resolution is to exfoliate a few times a week — not only my face, but my body as well. Getting rid of old skin cells is a great way to freshen your complexion. Similarly, I vow to apply my anti-aging creams to not just my face, but to my neck and decollete as well.

Charu, Beauty Contributor: For me, 2013 is going to be about experimentation. My resolution is to experiment with makeup: look at eye shadows and lippies a lot more—and to be open to new colors and brands.

Kate Zadah, London correspondent: The eyes have it in 2013. My resolution is to remove my eye makeup properly, i.e. with actual eye makeup remover—that way I might not have such bad dark circles around my eyes to moan about and then perhaps I can stop piling on the concealer.

Vivian, Beauty Contributor: Firstly, I want to drink even more water than I have before. Hydration is key for healthy looking skin and hair. Secondly, I want to FINALLY find a gym because if beauty comes from within, I need to work on all aspects of healthy living. And lastly, I want to treat myself every once in a while with a manicure, massage, or something else that’s completely indulgent. Pampering yourself once in awhile never hurt anybody, right?

Jillian, Beauty Contributor: In 2013, I want to be more consistent in my daily skincare plan and not neglect steps in my routine even when I’m busy or running late. Cleansing every evening is essential to maintaining my combination/oil skin. I vow to treat my skin better to avoid any future breakouts.

Beatrice, Beauty Contributor: If the eyes are the windows to the soul, I want to spotlight mine with proper fringe and curl my eyelashes. And while we are on the subject, I promise to keep my eye cream in the fridge and use it to de-puff my increasingly swollen eyes first thing in the morning. Finally, I want to take advantage of the amazing Clarisonic twice a day (not just the once…).

Jordyn, Beauty Contributor: Dry skin is the enemy this time of year, so my beauty resolution is to keep my skin moisturized and healthy with lots of vitamin E.

Maria, Beauty Contributor: I want to give the skincare products that I try, longer than a week to work before giving up on them. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it takes a least a week for skincare ingredients to balance out the skin to bring out it’s natural best.

Eating right, sleeping more, and drinking ample water are not only great for beauty, but for your overall well being. Have you made any resolutions this year.? Please share in the comments section below

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