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03-08-10 | Posted by

Photo Credit: Avon.com

HEALTHNEWSDIGEST.COM BEAUTY COLUMNIST WENDY LEWIS HAS 10 WAYS TO DITCH A DECADE Everyone wants to look good and age gracefully, but with the economy taking a nose dive, those weekly facials are going to have to go on the back burner. You go through the hassle of wearing makeup to try and hide flaws and wrinkles and to make yourself look youthful, but your hair and makeup may actually be aging you.


1- Banish Bad Skin: Young skin should be clear, healthy and glowing and free of dark spots and blemishes. If you are prone to problem skin, Avon Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel Glycolic Plus Soothing Extracts works wonders for exfoliation, unclogging blackheads, and keeping breakouts under control.

2- The Whites of Your Eyes: Tired eyes make you look older. If you are jet lagged or sleep deprived, bloodshot eyes can be a chronic problem. Systeine eye drops help clear redness and moisturize, cool and refresh. Make your eyes pop with dark navy liner like Sephora Kohl and Liner Waterproof in Keep Blue. Smudge the line with neutral smoky tones of browns, plums and muted grays.

3- Toss Your Brown Lipsticks: Think fresh and soft shades that add light to your face. Stick with medium to light rosy, pinky, peachy and coppery colors and leave dark, drab, matte shades to teens and twentysomethings. Deep reds and wines can make your lips look smaller. Use a neutral lip liner to shape the lips that should not show up as a contrasting shade. For a little shine, try a sheer gloss with a touch of pink pigment. like LipFusion Infatuation In The Flesh.

4-  Brighten Pearly Whites: Just like your skin, teeth get discolored and thinner with age. You lose some of the outer layer of enamel that wears away, and stains set in from foods, Diet Coke, and red wine. See a cosmetic dentist for an in-office laser teeth whitening treatment that will brighten up your smile. If you’re on a budget, try Colgate Simply White Night Clear Whitening Gel.

5- Frame Your Eyes: A quick fix to open up your eye area is to reshape your brows. Tweeze or wax your brows to create an arch, filling them in with a powder brow pencil, like Dior Powder Brow Pencil. Keep brows in place with a clear mascara or brow fixative, and if you have gray brow hairs, either pluck them out or use a colored brow gel to camouflage.

6- Lighten Up Your Foundation: Wearing the wrong makeup can pile on years to your face. Powders tend to make skin look dry and accentuate fine lines. Choose a lightweight foundation with light-reflecting or soft focus pigments to brighten the skin like Sue Devitt Spa Complexion Hydrating Marine Minerals Tinted Moisturizer SPF15. Apply foundation and blend well so it looks seamless. Look for warmer, light, soft undertones to enhance your complexion and create a healthy glow.

7- Hydrate Your Skin: Keep dry areas hydrated to help plump your complexion from the outside in. Look for emollient ingredients like hyaluronic acid in Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000â„¢ 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex, to plump and firm the skin and inhibit dehydration.

8-  Reduce Brown Spots: Brown discoloration from sun damage and hormonal flux look old. Add a brightening serum to your daily skincare routine to correct existing pigmentation and prevent new ones from ruining your flawless face. Look for the new Lumixyl™ Skin Brightening System that has four key products plus an innovative new sunscreen to keep dark spots at bay for the long term.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

9- Slow Down on Self Tanners: Avoid overdosing on orange or yellow undertones from bronzers and self tanners that create an unnatural look that is so not flattering. Instead of enhancing your natural skin tones, choosing a too dark shade of self tanner can cause your complexion to go sallow. If you’re not sure of the best color for you, try St Tropez Wash Off Face. For bronzing, stick with creamy natural rosy blushes for a healthy Nars Orgasm blush type of glow. Declare a moratorium on any products with that circa 1985 sparkle or glitter look for your face.

10- Highlight Your Hair: Dark brown and black hair can age your face by dragging down your skin tone and stealing the brightness, not to mention, the inevitable grays. Add some soft highlights to frame your face and/or lighten your natural color by a shade or two to soften your overall appearance. Think about wispy layers instead of straight across bangs which can be an alternative to BOTOX® for your forehead but has a harsh effect. Highlights can reflect light back onto your face for a younger look that is pretty and sexier too.

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  1. NaomiCS Says:

    I love these tips – can’t wait to try them out!

  2. Sue Devitt Spa Complexion Hydrating Says:

    […] 10 TIPS TO DITCH A DECADE – Update Your Skin, Hair, Makeup For a … Choose a lightweight foundation with light-reflecting or soft focus pigments to brighten the skin like Sue Devitt Spa Complexion Hydrating Marine Minerals Tinted Moisturizer SPF15. Apply foundation and blend well so it looks seamless. […]

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