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03-13-09 | Posted by

37cf4a2c0784ea68c2df8e1b9432 I BOUGHT A LANCOME EYE CREAM FOR MY WRINKLES BUT I DONT SEE MUCH IMPROVEMENT. HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO USE IT TO KNOW IF IT WORKS? Everyone is different . How deep are your wrinkles? How much do you laugh ……….a lot I hope !  There are so many eye creams on the market as the eyes are the first place to show signs of aging. If your eyes are very puffy, creased and deeply wrinkled, you cannot expect any eye cream to work wonders. For maximum results look for an eye cream that contains hexapeptide that works to help minimize muscle contractions around the eyes so that your eye cream has a chance to work. Combine this with a light weight cream for around the eyes. Avoid heavy eye creams that trap water and cause more puffiness. You should see some kind of results in 2 -4 weeks of continuous use. Lancome makes good products, but I cant be sure the eye cream you bought is the right one for your concerns and issues.

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