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02-09-10 | Posted by


The idea for WOMEN WHO WING IT came about when I landed in Paris Charles de Gaulle on a business trip… and my bags didn’t.

Sound familiar? I found out quickly that I was not alone; this was an all too common experience for women who spend much of their working life up in the air. The business of travel has lost much of its glamour amidst an atmosphere of security lockdown and skyrocketing fuel prices. It is with great nostalgia for an era when leisure travel wasn’t an oxymoron that I have started this travel beauty bible to help my fellow flying femmes carve out some sanity in a world of utter travel chaos. The days are long gone when a woman traveled elegantly with a train case brimming with beauty essentials. Today you may have to pack for a business trip at a moment’s notice when you barely have time to throw mascara and a toothbrush into your briefcase. You live in hope that your plane takes off reasonably on time and your luggage doesn’t get lost along the way. A typical business traveler may see five cities in four days in three time zones on two continents. WOMEN WHO WING IT is a travel companion for women like you and me who wing it – all or most of the time.  It is intended to add some levity for the consummate gal on the go to capture the frustrations all women share in trying to maintain their beauty routines and wardrobes when they are away from home.  You will find clever solutions based on real women’s personal experiences – that all of us can relate to. Every time you turn on the nightly news, you are faced with stories of jet fuel prices rising 200%, airlines going belly up, daily security warnings, hiring freezes, massive layoffs, fewer planes in the sky, trains crashing from mechanical failures, and extra charges for things that were once included in your ticket price. We are all feeling the crunch as the travel industry seems to be crashing down around us.  Women who travel for business are looking for creative ways to make their experience on in the sky or on the road a little more manageable. WOMEN WHO WING IT is a shopper’s paradise, complete with sources for unique and impossible-to-find gadgets and life altering products that will make travel a little easier and a lot cozier for you too. It will be chock full of creative methods and high tech tips for staying well groomed on the road, when there is more than a 50% chance that your luggage will be lost, or that your bag will disappear forever, and a good chance that the cuticle scissors in your carry-on will be confiscated by a TSA agent. With disgruntled flight attendants, planes that don’t measure up to FAA safety standards, threats of shoe bombers and hidden explosives in shampoo and toothpaste, it’s no wonder that frequent flying femmes are wound a little tight. Emergency quick fixes can be your salvation on the road. You need a Plan B when your flat iron blows a fuse, your spare pantyhose are stuck in baggage claim, and you wake up at your destination with a severe case of pillow hair. Whether you are going around the world or around the block, WOMEN WHO WING IT is a great companion for a bumpy ride.