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Non-surgical fat blasting and body shaping are taking the world by storm

When SmartLipo® first exploded onto the scene in Europe,  People touted it “as close as humans can come to that fat-melting fantasy.” Today there is an avalanche of flab-away devices that are already FDA approved to pulverize fat cells with radio frequency, ultrasound, and laser energy, and countless more on the way to a clinic near you.  Kim Kardashian had Velashape® on her show and claims that it helps her keep those famous curves in check. Brittany Spears has been rumored to have gotten back to her pre baby weight with a little lipo help. Even Kenny Rogers and Alexander McQueen have been linked to a little lipo around their mid sections. 



For post baby tummies and perimenopausal midriff bulges, VASER® Lipo allows for contour refinements that produce six pack abs and supermodel silhouettes. The VASER® High DefTM is the ‘go to’ technique to sculpt your core so you look like you spend all your time at Equinox® with a beefy trainer named Sven. Featured on Dr 90210, the VASER® system precisely removes both superficial and deep fat tissue to reveal the underlying musculature that you may not have seen for awhile. Even if you’re not in tip top form, you will surely see some contour improvements. www.vaser.com  Average price: $3,500 and up


For those flabby bits that creep around your bra straps and stand in the way of wearing fitted tees, SmartLipo® offers the benefit of combining liposuction with laser skin tightening. It’s a two step procedure; first the diode laser liquefies fat deposits through the skin, and then the oily liquid is suctioned out through a tiny incision. Voila – unsightly back rolls are history! The advantages of SmartLipo® over traditional liposuction are that it can be done in your doctor’s office, the fees are kinder and gentler, and recovery is quick and easy – a weekend will do it. www.smartlipo.com  Average price: $2,500 per area


Body jet liposuction, also called Water Jet Liposuction (WAL) is the wet way to reduce body fat. A pulsating water-spray device, sort of like a jacuzzi with a nozzle, exerts pressure to break down fat cells, and the liquefied fat is then removed through tiny scars. The result is less bruising and swelling, and your bulges can be treated under a local anesthetic so you go home the same day. If you need fat from your hips injected somewhere else, like cheeks or lips, WAL also allows the surgeon to harvest the fat he needs at the same time. Think of it as fat recycling. www.eclipsemed.com  Average price: About $2,500 per area


What does OC Housewife Jeana do for her thighs? Jeana Keough, the real estate mogul and mother of three on Bravo’s reality show, “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” touts Smoothshapes® as her remarkable slimming secret. Some say that 80% of women have cellulite – but it’s probably closer to 100%. Even size zero gals who slip into skinny jeans with ease, can have dimples. SmoothShapes® by Eleme Medical goes after cellulite with a vengeance and remodels your skin so dimples are destroyed after a course of two treatments per week for four weeks and stay away for awhile.  The device uses Photomology® which combines dynamic laser and light energy. www.smoothshapes.com Average price: $2,500 for a package of 5 treatments


  1. emmababe Says:

    Smart Lipo rocks! I had my tummy done – and it’s GONE.

  2. beautylovingmom Says:

    is Smart Lipo the same or something different from Cool Lipo? My dermatologist told me he could do my saddlebags with Cool Lipo (pretty sure that’s what he called it) these names are so confusing LOL

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