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Posted by 10.31.08



It’s not a brush. It’s not a flat iron. It’s not a curling iron…..And it’s not bad.


Ok, so I swore off informercials for life after my WEN faux pas – but it only lasted a week or so until I came across the Instyler at 4:00 AM when all the Law & Order reruns ended. Being a true sucker for anything that can tame my unruly overprocessed mane, I must admit that I succumbed to the lure of this combination brush with flat iron. From past experience, I knew to expect the worst. And when the box arrived with a duo of cheap looking silver instruments with orange trim, I felt like a total fool. But when I tried it – I became a convert! This thing works great. It looks like crap, and makes way too much noise, but the thought process behind this ingenious invention is spot on. The brush is made from garden variety black nylon bristles and there is a roller that acts like a curling iron. It has 3 heat settings so it doesn’t fry your hair. You can straighten, curl in or curl out for a flippy look. The best part for me is that my hair looks like it was professionally blown out and it takes 10 minutes tops.

FINAL VERDICT: GGI (Gotta Get It) – You can get it online or on Ebay for less than the informercial price (about $110 for a pair of these babies). I’m not sure you really need two of them, but you could give one to a hair challenged friend. The other possibility is that the Instyler can’t take much mileage so the second one is a substitute for when the first one gives up on you…Either way, it’s a lot cheaper than some of the $200 flat irons I have tried and my hair actually looks and feels much better with the Instyle. You be the judge!


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