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04-20-10 | Posted by


As the springtime sun plays peek-a-boo, becoming more of a fixture every day, this Los Angeles transplant finds she’s not the only one humming California Dreamin’. Cosmetic and fragrance brands inspired by or based in the great Eureka state are getting extended airplay.

Le Peau Couture from health conscious Northern California is a skin care line that boasts a 100% organic ingredient list. Created by a two-time cancer survivor, the collection is currently available online and at spas. But stay tuned, a big retailer partnership is in the works.

For skin as radiant as the summertime sun, Dr. Murad, who has offices in Southern California, introduces Active Radiance Serum. The new treatment promises to boost the skin’s natural defense against sun damage while encouraging repair of existing damage. Enhanced technology presents active ingredient Vitamin C in a new format that delivers 50 times the free radical neutralizing power of prior generations.

California Dreamin’ meets California smooching’ with Benefits’ California Kissin’ Lip Shine. Taking its cue from Pacific Coast beaches, the shine’s aqua-blue sheen makes teeth appear whiter.

What’s in a name?  First there was Lola from Marc Jacobs, the warm floral fragrance that hit stores last August. Now there’s news of Lolavie, the first beauty product ever from actress Jennifer Aniston. The sexy, clean and light floral embodies the California sexy-chic lifestyle synonymous with Jen, but will ironically debut first in June at Harrods in London. The 50-ml (1.7 oz) bottle will be priced at 30 pounds, roughly $46.50. U.S. launch dates haven’t yet been announced.

Jen’s not the only celebrity holdout to recently enter the beauty world. Last December, Julia Roberts signed on as Lancôme’s global ambassador. Her first ad campaign, for Définicils Precious Cells Mascara, will break in U.S. media this summer.

And surprise, surprise, he-man, action-hero star Bruce Willis has entered a fragrance deal as well with German direct marketer LR Health & Beauty Systems. The Bruce Willis fragrance will debut in July in Europe and Asia. Can a Demi scent be far behind?

A celebrity in her own right, Leslie Blodgett, the visionary force behind Bare Escentuals (headquartered in San Francisco), has just released Santa Barbara, the second chapter of her Perfume Diaries. Available exclusively at Sephora, the fragrance is a laid-back blend of subtle fruits, soft white flowers and mellow woods. Think crisp ocean breezes tousling your hair while the California sun warms your back.

~Dorene Kaplan, EAL


  1. Lancome Perfumes Says:

    […] From the desk of the trend scoop Dorene, BEAUTYINTHEBAG editor and … In December, Julia Roberts signed as a global ambassador for Lancôme. His first ad campaign for precious Définicils Mascara cells, will break in the U.S. media this summer. And surprise, surprise, the man, the action-hero star Bruce Willis has entered into an agreement of fragrances as well … A celebrity in his own right, Leslie Blodgett, the visionary force behind Bare Escentuals (Based in San Francisco) Santa Barbara has just published the second chapter of his diary Perfume. … […]

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