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02-24-09 | Posted by


Do I really need to use a toner?

A toner is not vital, except if you have oily skin or in great humidity. Some women need to use a toner religiously after cleansing to feel squeaky clean. The central area of the face (T-zone) contains more oil glands than the rest of the face – and toners help control surface oil slicks. Your cheeks may be dry or normal, but you can still be prone to occasional blemishes and oily build up there. Toners work to remove dirt, temporarily shrink pores and get rid of any residue left by makeup and cleanser. They restore skin to its natural pH balance. Toners can cool inflammation, reduce redness and control surface grime. A splash of cold water or rose water can also do the trick also. Most toners are basically water anyway – check the label and you may find it’s the first ingredient listed. Toners refresh and revitalize the skin and if they are alcohol-free, they don’t leave dryness or irritation. Propylene Glycol, lactic and glycolic acids, and amino acids are ideal for degreasing and exfoliating. Post-cleansing, toners can protect against natural moisture loss.

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