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03-13-09 | Posted by

superstock_1796r-1354 I HAD LASER HAIR REMOVAL AND NOW I HAVE A BROWN MARK ON MY LEG THAT WON’T GO AWAY. WHAT CAN I DO? It sounds like you might have what is called hyper-pigmentation caused by an increase in the melanocyte cells [cells that cause pigment] This is very common as the laser produces heat which can activate these cells. Only lasers that are color blind are recommended for use on darker/more pigmented skin for this very reason as there is a greater incidence of hyperpigmenation post laser. The way to correct this is to use a product that helps to “calm” the melanocyct activity.  HQ or hydroquinone can be used in a non-prescription strength in the US up to 2 %. Over 2% requires a prescription.  It works the best to lighten darkened areas, but there can be side effects used long term. Natural care consumers shun this ingredient. There are several holistic lightners available, and one of the best is mulberry in a mix of kojic acid. You can easily find these formulations in any store that sells natural or organic  formulations. It takes a minimum of 30-60 days to see any real results, so use it diligently and stay OUT of the sun or be sure to use a sun block to avoid exposure. You can also go back to your doctor and show him the mark that you now have after laser hair removal and ask him to treat it for you – peels may be helpful too.

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