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02-05-11 | Posted by

Entrance to The London Smile Clinic on Clipstone Street

The London skies are dull as dishwater at the moment so it’s no wonder nobody’s smiling. Or, could it be that us Brits are too embarrassed to flash our less-than-perfect smiles? We are known for not having the best teeth on the globe but things are changing. On the hunt for a brighter smile, BITB has found the best possible teeth whitening treatment in town to get your pearlies white.

The London Smile Clinic looks like a dental surgery; it smells like a dental surgery, but, hear me out – you want it to. Cropping-up all over London are private dental clinics desperately trying to disguise themselves as boutique spas, but who cares about soft furnishings and plasma screens when you’re looking for clinical excellence? Having said that, London Smile Clinic has it all and you don’t have to compromise on anything. Don’t get me wrong – you certainly won’t turn away the fabulous DVD glasses when you’re in the chair for a two-hour whitening treatment, that’s for sure; with a list of over a hundred movies to choose from, it’s the icing on the cake – more than a reason to visit. 

Whitening has had a bad rep in recent months following the launch of questionable at-home kits, which are reported to dissolve teeth; but having had a consultation and a good, long chat with Dr. Tim Bradstock-Smith (Private Dentist of the Year 2008 at the Private Dentistry Awards), it’s safe to say that professional whitening isn’t bad for the health of your teeth.

After a consultation (£70), I tried the Brite Smile Laser Whitening treatment (costing £795), which involves four 20-minute bursts of UV light to speed up the effect of the solution painted on to the teeth; this contains a tooth-safe percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Your teeth are naturally porous and the treatment whitens the yellowy dentine in the surface of the tooth, it does not strip the surface. You’ll be pleased to know it is not an uncomfortable treatment, though I am told that those with severely sensitive teeth often opt for a numbing injection.

Before the Brite Smile treatment.

After the Brite Smile treatment.

After the in-clinic portion, you take away your bespoke, precision whitening trays and continue topping up at home once every few days until your solution runs out. The results were amazing. From having a natural shade that was, as I was told, the top end of the white scale, I left with super Hollywood-whites. Obviously results will differ from patient to patient depending on your oral hygiene, levels of existing staining and lifestyle factors, but on the whole you can expect a great improvement. Stay away from the cigarettes, greasy curry and alcohol post-treatment (which you should be doing anyway as part of your healthy, New Year’s resolutions) and your gnashers will stay looking great for longer. The motto is, anything that would stain a white t-shirt is not your friend.

Exclusive BITB Offer

Exclusively for BITB, we have secured 10% off of the whitening treatment, which combines in-chair and at-home services with bespoke trays made for the latter. Call to book: 020 7255 2559.

N.B This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other and is available until 28th February. Treatment eligibility at dentists’ discretion.

Log on to the website for more information, www.londonsmile.co.uk. The London Smile Clinic, Ground Floor East, 40-44 Clipstone Street, London, W1W 5DW

Check out the before and after images, it’s impressive stuff!

Love from London

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