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Posted by 02.06.09



BOOTS NO 7 PROTECT & PERFECT – OK, so I admit it. I don’t get what all the hype is about? First they launched the serum – and when that took off, creams for face, eyes, and next the body showed up, and now there is even color makeup supposedly based on this now legendary anti-aging holy grail.  Soon there will be a No 7 P&P for babies, men, and maybe even pets at the rate they’re blazing through the line extensions. There is nothing magic here. It is pretty generic stuff in my view. Like many Americans I suppose, I picked this up at Heathrow en route back to the USA, hoping for something important to happen to my skin. It didn’t. In fact, I used it twice and gave it away.

FINAL VERDICT: SYC (Save Your Cash) – Definitely not worth a flight across the Atlantic to pick some up, and I’m not even sure it’s worth a trip to CVS. But Boots is laughing all the way to Coutts!

One Response to “THAT CREAM?”

  1. gorgeousgals Says:

    Its good to know the truth about these products before you waste your hard earned cash. thanks!

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