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12-30-10 | Posted by

Move over pomegranate and acai berry, there’s a new antioxidant “super fruit” in town. Tart cherry juice is the latest natural food touting both beauty and health benefits. The juice reportedly fights wrinkles, puffiness around the eyes and insomnia, according to Cheribundi, a company that marketsΒ a tart cherry juice that contains the juice of 50 cherries in each 8 ounce bottle.

Photo Credit: Cheribundi

Tart cherry extract is reportedly chock full of melatonin and vitamin A, which are both known to increase the appearance of youthfull skin. And melatonin has been known for years as a natural hormone that helps regulate sleep cycles.Β The juice also contains anthocyanins, a natural anti-inflammatory that can help subdue puffiness around the eyes.

So far we haven’t seen any beauty products boasting tart cherry as an ingredient, but we can expect that to happen very shortly.

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