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Photo Credit: syneron.com

Posted by 08.05.14

Summer is coming to an end, a lot quicker than most of us want it to. Although we still have the hot, humid, hazy days of August to get through, summer 2014’s days are decidedly numbered.

Extend your summer beauty regime well into fall and beyond with our top picks for transitional grooming for skin, hair, body, legs, eyes, and nails.

This luxurious bronzing powder-gel will keep that sunkissed glow well into the autumn in a single brush stroke.Apply where the sun naturally hits your face for the most natural look—cheekbones,forehead,nose,chin,decollete,shoulders.


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TARTE TAN EXTENDER – Get Cheeky with Sunkissed

Date: 09.08.10

Photo credit: beauty.com

TARTE SUNKISSED NATURAL CHEEK STAIN – This was a first for me. I have never purchased Tarte cosmetics in my life! But I was tired of my pale white face in the midst of the self tan nation that is the upper east side of NY during July and August. So when I came across this chunky little roll on bronzer, I took the plunge and I was very glad I did.  Cheek Stain is one of Tarte’s hero products. The Sunkissed shade is natural looking enough even for my light skin, and it goes on smoothly and blends quickly. One stoke on each cheek and browbone is enough for me, and I cheated my soft jawline a bit by contouring my chin with it too. It would work nicely to enhance your cleavage too  (I have plenty of that already). You can use your fingers to apply as the instructions suggest, but then you’ll have brown stained finger tips, so I dont see any advantage. The big benefit to me is the easy to use mess-free applicator that eliminates the need to smear it all over.  You just glide over your skin lightly, and blend with one wipe of  a sponge or cotton pad (or hands if you prefer). Since it is  a water based gel, it isn’t sticky, greasy or shiny, which I like as well, and thus suitable to wear all year round. Cheek Stain also touts the benefits of a spectrum of extracts including acai, goji, pomegranate, cranberry plus shea butter and vitamin C, but honestly I would not buy it for it’s skin nourishing benefits because you only apply a small amount on selected areas once or maybe twice a day.

FINAL VERDICT: GGI (Gotta Get It) – Kudos to Tarte.  For $30 you can get a lot of wear out of this. It comes in a range of 7 shades.  Don’t be put off by the brown sugary shade called Sunkissed – it goes on much lighter on your skin. I will try Natural Beauty for fall/winter, which is lighter and more sheer.


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