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Posted by 09.17.12

After toning your body and creating a youthful complexion, you don’t want your hair to give your age away. For this week’s Gorgeous Giveaway we have 3 sets of Zotos AGE Beautiful Anti-Aging Color Preserve System, plus a $20 Sally Beauty Gift Card (a $50 total value), to give to our lucky winners.

The Zotos AGE Beautiful Anti-Aging Color Preserve collection is created to fight 5 signs of aging hair: thinning, loss of color vibrancy, damage, dryness and dullness. The products are sulfate-free—so they won’t fade your color—and formulated with phyto-collagen and keratin peptide protein to replenish hair with essential components.

The products in this beauty giveaway include:


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Date: 08.24.12

Dry, damaged and frizzy and out of control hair is a confidence killer. Consider the new Smooth Lock hair care line from Redken to be anti class-clown. It’s anti frizz, anti damage…pretty much anti everything you don’t want your hair to be.

Smooth Lock Butter Silk ($20), a rinse-out treatment, is the 4-item range’s star product. This creamy cure contains the proprietary Heat Fuse Complex with a special Thermo-Active Polymer that helps strands retain moisture while eliminating frizz. Sounds promising so far, right? And then there’s almond oil, which could be on the heavy side but is actually quite light and coats the hair for a silky, smooth finish.

Finally IPN (Interlock Protein Network) strengthens and improves manageability. After you put the treatment in your hair, wait patiently for 5-10 minutes and rinse it out—your hair will feel like butter. It will also be super shiny, like a newly minted penny.

Redken used to sell a product called Smooth Down Butter Treat, which has been discontinued. This was an ultra rich, rinse-out cream that created an intense and long lasting conditioned look. It received stellar reviews and many commented on how it helped hairstyles remain intact even after air drying. Smooth Lock Butter Silk ups the ante.

Many protein-based treatments can dry out your hair but the Smooth Lock collection (and most notably, Butter Silk) actually gives hair a nice luster. Regarding the level of frizz—don’t expect your frizz to completely go away, but mine was reduced substantially. I only had to use a little bit of styling gel to tame my hair.

The Smooth Lock line includes:

  • Smooth Lock Shampoo ($12)
  • Smooth Lock Conditioner ($12)
  • Smooth Lock Butter Silk Rinse Out Treatment ($20)
  • Smooth Lock Stay Sleek Leave-In Cream For Dry/Unruly Hair ($16.50)




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