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Photo Credit: depositphotos.com

Posted by 04.26.18

A few years ago I was up in Cape Cod during the dog days of summer when my hair took on a life of its own. If you’ve ever seen the episode of Friends where the group traveled to Barbados and the humidity got the best of Monica’s hair, frizzing up to the 10nth degree, that was me. My own husband almost didn’t recognize me and had to take a double take. Lots of hair gel and a slicked back look was de rigueur the rest of the week until the humidity level took a nose dive. Since then I’ve embraced the holy grail that is keratin to help me keep things in check. I know I should consider myself lucky to have an abundance of hair, even if the weather can make it hard to control at times. It seems th

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Photo Credit: beautyinthebag.com

Posted by 09.04.16

What started as a quest of curiosity as a young girl, quickly turned into a long and fulfilling journey to wellness for Naomi Whittel, Founder of Reserveage™ Nutrition.

Growing up in a family of chemists and scientists whose passion for an organic lifestyle (long before it was a trend) was an important foundation for Naomi. It guided her to turn to pure, whole ingredients taken from the earth for nutritional solutions.

This lifelong passion and purpose coupled with a wisdom of nature and the healthiest cultures around the world is how Reserveage Nutrition was founded.

BITB spoke with Naomi about living a healthier lifestyle and her favorite Reserveage Nutrition prod

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Posted by 10.14.12

The value of healthy living was something David Kirsch learned early on in life, as he grew up watching his dad work out religiously and was encouraged to discover his own physical and mental potential through fitness. David immersed himself in the study of health and nutrition during his 20s while working as an attorney and started to forge his own path in the world of personal training and gourmet food management. After five years as a litigator and general practitioner, David left to follow his true calling: teaching and inspiring others to reach their full physical and mental potential. David’s accomplishments over the last two decades have established him as a respected fitness expe

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Posted by 04.16.12

As the warm weather eases in, be ready to fight the frizzies with this week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY. We have 3 bottles of GKhair Serum (a $25 value) to give to our lucky winners. Use the serum after shampoo and conditioner to tackle frizz and flyaways, add shine, nourish hair and create a soft smooth finish.

Part of the GKhair lineup, the serum features Juvexin, a protein blend that is formulated to restore hair from the inside out. It helps hair return to a more youthful state, while protecting against future damage and environmental effects. In addition, the concentrated dose of Juvexin creates a protective shield over each strand leaving a soft, sleek finish.

With GKhair Serum you can

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