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Posted by 09.30.12

The oldest daughter of British designer Clive Christian, Victoria Christian’s love of perfume began at an early age. She and her father discovered in the floorboards of the family’s English manor house an original bottle from a perfumery that had been crowned by Queen Victoria in 1872. Although Ms. Christian originally studied ballet and performing arts, even performing on London’s West End, when her father took over the old perfumery and decided to create a new level of luxury perfume, she ended her theatre career and joined the company. After a training period with perfumers in London, Paris, and Grasse, Ms. Christian launched the definitive Clive Christian Perfume collection in 1999. To

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Photo Credit: ineke.com

Posted by 06.18.12

PRODUCT: Balmy Days & Sundays

I love the art of perfumey – the artistic inspirations, the mood enhancing benefits, the sexy French perfumers. But lately, I’ve been unmoved by the new launches and current crop of scents. That is until I received a sample of Balmy Days & Sundays ($88) from Ineke, a boutique fragrance brand from San Francisco.

Ineke Rühland is the creative force behind this innovative collection of 11 scents. A trained perfumer hailing from Canada, Ineke completed studies at ISIPICA in France, the only university-level perfumery school in the world. After working in Paris with a leading fragrance house, she moved to San Francisco in 2006 to begin her own line.

Each of the Ineke fragrances is inspired by a special moment, feeling or even work of art or verse. Balmy Days & Sundays is meant to invoke a sense of lounging in the grass on a lazy Sunday, enjoying the sweet smell of flowers and leaves.

To me Balmy Days & Sundays is calmly transportive. At first spray, it really does whisk me away to a field of green grass. As it wears, it becomes slightly soapy, but in a good way, reminding me of sneaking away to take a leisurely bubble bath in the middle of the day. It is soft, yet constant, sending out a relaxing vibe whenever I get close enough to my arm for a whiff.

And it’s no wonder I like it - It has three components that I always respond to: leafy greens (the foliage kind, not the edible ones), grass and a chypre accent. These are blended with freesia, honeysuckle (reminds me of my childhood), rose, mimosa and musk.

If you love big bold floral scents or fruity fragrance concoctions, this fragrance probably isn’t for you. But if you are looking for something that will embrace you like a gently rocking hammock, check out Balmy Days & Sundays.



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