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Photo Credit: lushusa.com

Posted by 03.03.15

Can’t buy me love, but you can buy me a “Hard Days Night” spa treatment at Lush Spa. I recently had the good fortune to experience a taste of this brand new spa offering at Lush Spa’s Upper East Side location in NYC and it was everything I hoped it would be…and then some.


Lush Fresh Hand Made Cosmetics is an iconic British beauty brand that has its roots in the 1907s in England. They are a very green company with a heart – and their brand’s cause is fighting against testing on animals and fighting for organic ingredients and giving back. The brand’s motto is simple: “we believe in protecting people

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Photo Credit: St. Ives

Posted by 11.14.13

Body lotions, the typically richer-than-dessert cosmetic cabinet staples, are shedding a few pounds thanks to compressed air technology. Dubbed “continuous sprays,” these new hydrating products emulate the more commonplace sunscreen delivery systems. The idea here is to make lotions easier to apply, and help them absorb faster and more evenly onto the skin. Vaseline’s “Spray & Go” that debuted earlier this year may have set a trend; here are a few new ones to try.

St. Ives Fresh Hydration Lotions ($5.99)

These spray lotions promise even, spreadable coverage, and the result is hydrated skin within seconds, not minutes, thanks to natural moisturizers gylcerin and shea butte

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Posted by 03.11.12

Vitabath CEO Richard Neill started out his professional life working in the automobile industry after earning an MBA from Harvard Business School, but he knew early on that he wanted to own his own company. When Mr. Neill set out to find something he loved, he discovered his passions lay in a very different industry. The first fragrance company he owned was in Atlanta; Mr. Neill led the company for ten years, during which time he worked closely with Vitabath as a vendor.

The Vitabath brand has been providing top of the line skin care products to consumers for over 50 years. But don’t let the rich, playful fragrances—like the new Cupcake Couture—fool you; these are benefit-driven p

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Posted by 09.17.11

PRODUCT: Skincare Kit

Sometimes the abundance of cleansers, moisturizers, serums, scrubs, lotions, potions and creams on the market can just set a girl’s head spinning when trying to decide upon a skincare regimen. That’s why I was so happy to try the Park Avenue Prescription starter kit ($70) from Sadick Dermatology Group, a three product anti-aging collection. All the guesswork has been taken away from dealing with signs of age with this lineup formulated for morning and evening use.

Start the day out with the set’s AM Protection Cream – a blend of antioxidants and amino acids that provide 24-hour hydration, broad UVA protection (SPF 20), detoxification and collagen support, and instantly improve your skin’s appearance.

The regimen contains two treatments to use in the evening. First, apply PM Reversal Serum - a cocktail of peptides, retinols and AHAs that stimulate natural collagen production, promote cellular turnover, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture.

Follow with PM Rejuvenation Cream – a calming and relaxing cream that contains pigment and redness fighting agents that target melasma, brown spots, redness, irritation and rosacea. The cream works to fight inflammation and dark spots while hydrating and improving skin tone.

The Park Avenue Prescription starter kit is available now at Sephora and www.sephora.com. The products also are sold separately. When at Sephora, be sure to check out the QR code technology, which allows you to snap a picture of a special code with your Smart phone and immediately view a product training video created by the brand developers.



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