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Date: 11.06.12

Exfoliating treatments aren’t only about slathering scrubs with walnut shells and fine diamond crystals. Thanks to the genius of Dr. Dennis Gross, we have a new body towelette that addresses an often ignored skincare issue: bumpy keratosis pilaris (also called “chicken skin”).

Yes, it’s not a sexy name by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s something my arms do suffer from. Keratosis pilaris is characterized by rough bumpy spots on the skin, which are frequently found on the arms and thighs. And they’re not easy to get rid off. Aesthetically displeasing, it is quite harmless but unsightly. After all, who wants rough skin on arms and thighs? Bare shoulders would be totally unbecoming.

Keratosis pilaris affects about 50% of the world’s population and is hereditary. Therapy can eliminate the bumps but the treatment is almost always exfoliation, and typically this is in the form of vitamin A, peels, scrubs or glycolic acid.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Smoothing Body Towel ($36) really came to my rescue to reduce my keratosis pilaris. The box filled with 8 treatments (individually wrapped body towels) will help you substantially reduce, if not eliminate, the issue. Each towel is pre-soaked with glycolic, mandelic, salicylic and azelaic amino acids. It also contains witch hazel. The towels exfoliate, tone, and firm the skin using a raised texture that buffs away unsightly bumps. Daily exfoliation with the towels will give you brighter, smoother, and clearer skin.

It took two boxes at $36 each for me to reduce my chicken skin issue to satisfaction: 16 towels in total. The towels are so easy to use, and make excellent travel companions too. What’s also great about these smoothing body towels is that they have a variety of uses: while keratosis pilaris is one of the targets, the others include acne, discolorations on decollete, and dry skin.

If you suffer from these pesky problems, this box of towels is an excellent investment, and you’ll be more than thankful you did.




SAY SO LONG TO YOUR CHICKEN SKIN! Get Rid of Those Little Red Bumps

Posted by 08.17.11

Photo Credit: zoskinhealth.com

Got KP (keratosis pilaris)? If so, Beautyinthebag has some simple solutions to help you reign in your chicken skin once (and hopefully, for all).

Some people refer to KP as chicken skin because the raised, white bumps resemble those seen on the surface of raw poultry. These bumps occur when too much keratin – the protein found in hair and nails –builds up in the opening of your hair follicles where it forms numerous rough and tiny bumps (think sandpaper).  KP typically clusters on the back and outer sides of your upper arms, thighs or buttocks. It is also less common

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Posted by 07.15.10

Originally posted on Makemeheal.com on July 15th, 2010 in Facial Plastic Surgery, Procedures & Breakthroughs by Wendy Lewis

You know those little imperfections that show up on your skin seemingly out of nowhere to spoil your youthful complexion?  You don’t have to live with them if you don’t want to. Now there are some highly effective solutions such as plastic surgery lasers and cosmetic treatments to rid yourself of moles, skin tags, stray hairs, red veins, and the occasional freckle and brown spot.


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Date: 04.07.09


AMLACTIN 12% MOISTURIZING CREAM – Got dry skin? Bumps on the backs of your arms and thighs? Cracked heels and elbows? Amlactin is an all purpose skin moisturizer containing lactic acid (made from sour milk). It is especially good for really dry skin in need of repair. The bumps on your arms and thighs are called Keratosis Pilaris, and are basically clogged follicles. These are really common in tween and teen girls as well as adult women. Lactic acid is the answer to getting rid of them – and you can use this cream daily without any problem.  It doesnt smell very nice, and the tube is not too sexy, but it gets the job done.  This range is usually found behind the pharmacist’s counter rather than on drugstore shelves, or you can also get it online. If you cant find Amlactin, look for another similar brand Lac-Hydrin Cream or ask your pharmacist to order it for you. Your skin will thank you for it. P.S. You can use it on your face, but I wouldnt recommend it. It is not elegant enough for a facial moisturizer and can leave your skin feeling sticky.

FINAL VERDICT – BOB (BEAUTY ON A BUDGET) – For about $12.99 at your local pharmacy, you can’t beat this body cream. Also available in lotion formula. If you use a lot of it, we found a case of 12 for $185 on Amazon.com.


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