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Posted by 06.18.17

For almost 20 years, celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff has been beautifying some of the world’s most celebrated women.

While first exploring her passion for makeup, she realized no woman was one even tone; in fact, many women had multiple tones from redness and broken capillaries to hyperpigmentation, dark circles or discoloration from birth marks. Ashunta began using two shades of foundation to properly even out her clients’ complexion and give them a lifted, sleek, flawless face. This is how The Perfect Face was born.

In 2014, Ashunta launched an Indiegogo campaign to be able to create and expand her Ashunta Sheriff Beauty (ASB) product line. Working in the beauty indust

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Posted by 09.07.13

Beauty in the Bag turns 5 this month, and we’re kicking off the celebration with a special 5 Fab Ways series of features. This week’s is all about creating and maintaining your most youthful face possible.

1. Wrinkle Control

Retinol and sunscreen are your best lines of defense when it comes to delaying the development of wrinkles. Up to 90% of aging changes in skin can actually be attributed to the sun, and a recent study published in the American College of Physicians’ Annals of Internal Medicine showed that daily sunscreen use significantly slows skin aging.

But protection isn’t your only option, particularly if you have enjoyed a few too many hours basking in the sun

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