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By Guest Bag Lady Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, ARNP

Evolence® is a filler worth exploring. Since its FDA approval over a year ago, Evolence® has proven to be not only an elegant soft-tissue filler, but a surprisingly adaptable and smoothing entity that immediately transforms its target into precisely what these products are meant to do: create a beautiful wrinkle or fold correction without a hint of appearing corrected. This makes working with Evolence® a pleasure.

All fillers can be used to correct lines and defects. An interesting characteristic of Evolence® is that it flows extremely easily, and the defect appears to take more of this product

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EVOLENCE® from Ortho Dermatologics is now the first and only collagen dermal filler proven to last through 12 months.  EVOLENCE is an advanced collagen-based structural dermal filler that provides long-lasting correction for facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds, lifts cheeks and adds volume and structure to the skin. The results of treatment with EVOLENCE are immediate, with little to no downtime, bruising or swelling post-treatment, so it is truly an event filler. Results are now clinically proven to last through 12 months after initial treatment.


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From Wrinkle Creams to Needles to Knives or Not

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a flawless 26 year old with lineless skin exclaim, “I can’t imagine why women would ever stick needles in their faces!” I could have financed my facelift fund a hundred times over. My response to these naive young girls is an emphatic, “Come see me when you hit 35!”  “Never say never” in fact, is the prevailing attitude when it comes to cosmetic enhancements.

Imagine a grape shriveling up and becoming a raisin. It starts off juicy, round, and smooth, and gradually becomes dull, rough and wrinkly. That’s essentially the grim reality of what happens as you age.  One day you look in the mirr

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When surgery is not an option, but super creams don’t do enough, fillers can be the perfect solution. Facial fillers are definitely on the rise for women (and guys too) in search of a quick fix anti-aging plan.

The immediate “wow” factor of a liquid facelift can really lift your spirits along with your sags.

Liquid facelifts are best achieved by combining several types of fillers. Some fillers get injected deeply for cheek fullness and jowl smoothening, and others get injected more superficially just under the skin, for fine lines around the mouth and minor creases. Since there are so many FDA approved fillers available today, it is truly a customized procedure. Fillers are i

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