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Posted by 11.05.12

Don’t let your hands make you look older than you really are—with lines, wrinkles, dark spots, thin, fragile skin, and dry, brittle nails. Hands are subject to a lot of daily abuse, and to keep them soft and supple requires daily care and maintenance.

In the first place, stop thinking of your nails as a tool—they are more like protection for your finger tips and made of protein called keratin. Even strong, healthy nails can break or snag easily when you use them to pull out staples or lift heavy packages. Avoid prolonged exposure to anything that can dry out skin, including harsh detergents, hot water, and sun.

To make a manicure last, keep nails at a reasonable length that is ea

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Photo Credit: sephora.com

Posted by 10.09.12

There are perfectly good foundations and then there are those that are brilliant—almost genius. Mensa-award worthy products have a special sixth sense, a certain je ne sais quoi. While your reliable old foundation may do a great job of giving you sheer or full coverage (and nothing more), a new breed of foundation is upping the ante in a big way.

Celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor, whose clients have included Juliette Binoche, Kerry Washington, Emmy Rossum, says, that foundations have definitely upped the intelligent quotient. “Those who were unhappy with formulas of the past can find superior options today.” Every accomplished makeup artist carries a few indispensables, includi

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Photo Credit: veilcosmetics.com

Date: 09.04.12

Who needs airbrushing? You can bid farewell to Photoshop if you try Veil Cosmetics’ debut product, Illuminating Complexion Fix ($36).

A modern shortcut to beautiful skin, Illuminating Complexion Fix is a concealer treatment for the face and eyes, with a svelte dispensing mechanism similar to Yves Saint Laurent’s magical cult classic Touche Eclat. Thanks to their proprietary Lightfast Technology, Illuminating Complexion Fix promises mighty benefits–increased luminosity and moisture, calms irritation, targets dark spot production, functions as a featherweight concealer, evens out skin tone, hides blemishes and counteracts dullness.

Lofty promises? Maybe. But the results are pretty dramatic.

The fact is that dark circles are a huge beauty dilemma, and you really need more than a dollop of concealer to tackle the problem. You need a concealer that incorporates multiple layers of science. Illuminating Complexion Fix aims to solve a lot of problems with one thin layer, which you can build up according to your needs. Lightfast Technology is a proprietary blend of active ingredients that target the production of melanin with ingredients Sephiwhite, Sepicalm and Revidrate. In addition to decreasing dark circles, Lightfast increases moisture in the target area, which is apropos for dryness, lines and aging skin.

Photo Credit: bellasugar.com

Illuminating Complexion Fix is available in 12 shades and provides buildable, water-resistant coverage. In 2013, the line will expand its offerings with a serum and an eye shadow collection.

The Bottom Line: The golden age of dark circle correctors has arrived. Recently Clinique also debuted its Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, which targets melanin, and it’s good to see that other concealers are starting to identify increased melanin production as a key reason for dark circles.

If your dark circles are severe, you can do double duty by using Lumixyl Revitaleyes Brightening Eye Cream ($65) twice daily to lighten up the pigment under your eyelids, and then apply Veil’s Illuminating Complexion Fix during the day. Revitaleyes contains decapeptide technology that has been clinically proven to target lines, wrinkles, dryness and inflammation that contribute to dark circles – all in one handy little tube.

I love the way the under eye area immediately became radiant after I applied Illuminating Complexion Fix. Finally, a concealer that treats, corrects and delivers buildable coverage! The other aspect of this product which is hands above and beyond the rest is that the concealer offers the choice of neutral, pink or gold undertones in each shade to perfectly match the complexion. This is so important that it makes you wonder why many other concealer brands don’t take this into consideration.

You can choose the concealer that perfectly matches your complexion to give you almost instant results. I also love the Touche Eclat-style pen, which makes it very convenient to apply. For its reasonable price point, the Illuminating Complexion Fix is a no brainer.



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Posted by 07.23.12

This week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY celebrates a day at the beach. We have one Ame & Lulu beach bag filled with 7 fragrance, face and body products that you can use now and all year long. It’s actually quite a deal. Altogether, this beauty giveaway is valued at $285!!!

The beach bag measures 15″ L x 16″ H x 6″ D and boasts a jaunty black and white print with red trim – great for carrying your gear to the beach or shopping in the city. Plus it’s loaded with must-have beauty items including:

Clinique Happy Summer Spray –  a special limited edition interpretation of Clinique Happy created just for summer 2012.

St. Tropez Instant Glow Mousse – a lightweight body bronzer that gives

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