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Photo Credit: www.borghese.com

Posted by 03.18.11

PRODUCT: Borghese Crema Staordinaria Da Giorno SPF 25

As we broaden our understanding of skincare, anti-aging and the dangers of sun exposure our checklist increases.  It's not enough for a product to protect from the sun's dangerous rays.  We want hydration and skin firming, we want it all from skincare workhorses.  Borghese Crema Staordinaria Da Giorno SPF 25 talks a good game, but does it deliver?  (Oh, and how much do we love that all Borghese products are labeled in Italian, English and French... because why bother with the English name when the beautifully lyrical Italian name gets top billing on the bottle?)

Borghese does indeed come through.  After my regular cleansing routine I reached for this Day Treatment.  The simple, elegant pump dispenses a rich creme with a light and refreshing fragrance.  It goes on easily and absorbs well, delivering UV protection at SPF 25 and defending against free radicals.  Coenzyme Q10 kicks into gear to promote cellular activity, and with regular use over the course of a few weeks I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin's tone and resilience.



Would you buy it again? YES

Would you recommend it to a friend? YES


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