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Posted by 05.18.13

Customization is the name of the game for beauty this year and nail care is no different. Whether you have fragile, split, short, or strong nails, Essie has a top coat, base coat, and treatment plan that targets your specific need.

Pick and choose from the Essie Everyday, Anti-Aging, Strong and Grow ranges to create a personalized nail regimen.

Essie Specialized Base and Top Coats

The Everyday collection is suitable for all nail types and includes All in One Topcoat, Apricot Cuticle Oil, First Base Base Coat and Good to Go topcoat. Personally, I love All in One, a combo base coat, top coat, and nai

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Posted by 11.05.12

Don’t let your hands make you look older than you really are—with lines, wrinkles, dark spots, thin, fragile skin, and dry, brittle nails. Hands are subject to a lot of daily abuse, and to keep them soft and supple requires daily care and maintenance.

In the first place, stop thinking of your nails as a tool—they are more like protection for your finger tips and made of protein called keratin. Even strong, healthy nails can break or snag easily when you use them to pull out staples or lift heavy packages. Avoid prolonged exposure to anything that can dry out skin, including harsh detergents, hot water, and sun.

To make a manicure last, keep nails at a reasonable length that is ea

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Date: 10.26.09


CLINIQUE DEEP COMFORT HAND & CUTICLE CREAM – I love this lemon yellow super creamy hand and cuticle moisturizer.  It is rich and feels great on your hands – and you can rub it into your cuticles and nails, especially in cold weather when they get brittle and dried out. I keep it in my gym bag and it lasts all day long. You can also use it for a pedicure cream because it is rich enough even for cracked, dry feet. For $17.50 it works well and you can find a lot of uses for it.  There is also a Deep Comfort Body Moisture that I haven’t tried yet but looks great too for $20.

FINAL VERDICT: GGT (GOTTA GET IT) – A very nice and rich moisturizing cream for really dry hands and nails that break and peel.

Photo Credit: www.nordstrom.com


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