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When it comes to cosmetic surgery, nothing ever stays the same. Procedures, techniques, devices, and preferences are ever evolving. Just think of how popular facial fillers and muscle relaxing injections have become in delaying and even replacing more costly facelifts.

When it comes to the body, options are expanding as well, particularly when dealing with cellulite, breast implants, and mommy makeovers.

For example, FDA-cleared Cellulaze by Cynosure, Inc. is billed as the first and only minimally invasive medical device that reduces cellulite with just one treatment.

According to Marina del Rey, CA, plastic surgeon Grant Stevens, MD, liposuction is the #1 plastic surgical procedu

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Dr. Leslie Stevens, MD FACS, believes that by focusing on just a few cosmetic procedures, he can consistently deliver optimum results to his patients—achieving results that are balanced and natural-looking. Practicing in the Beverly Hills area since 1988, he limits his practice to aesthetic surgery only, specializing in facial rejuvenation, breast surgery, and body contouring. He has been featured as an expert in numerous publications—including Cosmopolitan, People, and The Wall Street Journal—and has volunteered his time performing operations in South America for the charitable organization Interplast.

What is the difference between east coast and west

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Laurence Kirwan MD, FRCS and FACS in the US and UK

Posted by 12.05.10

 Meet the US/UK Breast Surgeon

British-born Laurence Kirwan covers a wide field of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical techniques but is best known for his pioneering work in breast surgery, particularly to modify the “ptotic” – aka drooping – breast.  He practices in Manhattan and Norwalk, CT, and in London, where he has consulting rooms on Harley Street.  In the US, Dr. Kirwan is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  He is on the Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery in Ireland and Finland.

Dr. Kirwan introduced his first breast innovation – named SAMBA (meaning, Simultaneous Areolar Mastopexy/Breast Augmentation) – in 1998, at the Congress of the European Academy of Cosmetic S

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