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Kathy Ireland and Chelsie Hightower Share Beauty Secrets, Support Make-A-Wish Foundation

Posted by 11.25.10

Lifestyle designer Kathy Ireland and ballroom dancer Chelsie Hightower recently joined forces to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation serving as team leaders of the Latisse Wishes Challenge campaign.

As public personas and beauty icons in their own right, BITB spoke with Kathy and Chelsie to discover some of their favorite beauty products and practices.

KATHY IRELAND: Supermodel turned supermogul, Kathy Ireland is now chief designer and CEO of Kathy Irleand Worldwide. Here’s a glimpse at her beauty routine.

Top 3 desert island beauty products: Kathy Ireland Skincare and body butter, hair conditioner and a tweezer.

Anti-aging secrets: Sleep, longer eyelashes from L

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