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Photo Credit: depositphotos.com

Posted by 02.18.17

Most days, I wake up to the New York Times alerts on my phone telling me that something else in the world has gone horribly wrong. Luckily for us, the hair and makeup looks at New York Fashion Week have not only been pretty and inspiring, but also soothingly consistent. People, it looks like the 70s and 80s are here to stay! The beauty styles at some of our favorite shows included updates on the best of what late 1970s and early 1980s beauty had to offer–think great skin, fun eyes, and pretty, wearable looks for face and hair that will make you feel and look cool. Here are some of my personal favorites:

The makeup on Erin Fetherson’s runway was so pretty, I wanted to cry. Full,

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Posted by 05.27.09

By Wendy Lewis

Blogging has become a national pastime. We are obsessed with reading and posting comments all over the web to stay relevant. At last count, there were 286,906 results for ‘beauty’ on wordpress.com, and more are added daily. To make your blog stand apart from all the rest, it needs a voice that resonates with your target audience so they come back and send their friends. The most successful blogs have a distinctly human element and larger than life personality.  

Alas, after having penned ten beauty books, I too have been swept up in the frenzy. Beautyinthebag.com was born in late 2008, the brainchild of myself (MWC – Mom With Cash) and El

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