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Posted by 03.26.13

Listen up men: you need to take care of your skin. We’re not asking for much effort and time but a little care will go a long way. Actually, more than 97 percent of women in the U.S. say it’s important for guys to have clear and smooth skin. And we know, based on independent research, that almost half of U.S. men never use face wash or a face moisturizer. Fortunately for you, there are two new skincare lines specifically for your face that will give you the moisture and protection you need – FAST.

Photo Credit: dove.com

Dove Men+Care, the brand’s first men’s face care line, is built around three e

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Posted by 10.02.12

Nothing beats a long, hot shower for unwinding and relaxing after a busy day. In fact, a hot shower is one of life’s little pleasures. But did you know that the Alliance for Water Efficiency, a non-profit conservation group, recommends that showers last no longer than 5 minutes? Yes you read that right, FIVE MINUTES!
With this past summer’s severe drought in the U.S. Midwest, water conservation is the responsible choice. But the 5 minute shower is a hard pill to swallow and follow.
According to a recent survey conducted by AXE, the men’s bath-and-body brand, the average shower taken by an 18- to 24-year old guy or girl in the U.S. lasts more than 17 minutes. That’s 12 minute

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