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Posted by 07.31.16

As the founder of Color Wow, a line created to cover grown-out roots for color-treated hair, and co-founder of John Frieda, Gail Federici has been a nothing short of a pioneer in the haircare industry.

Successful in both beauty and business, BITB chatted with Gail to hear more about Color Wow and upcoming trends in the haircare world.


1. Color Wow sounds like a life-changer for women who color their hair! How does it stand out from other haircare products on the market?

Color Wow was recently honored with Cosmetic Executive Women’s “Indie Beauty Award, 2016,” Every product in the range is a totally new technology, a 180-degree departure from status quo co

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Posted by 04.15.14

Hair coloring has come a long way since the ancient Gauls and Saxons dyed their hair with natural pigments derived from plants and minerals. And appropriate hair color has long been a sign of status—the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used natural hair dyes regularly to show rank and to look younger. Since few resort to crushing plants and roots in their kitchen anymore, unless you’re a true naturalist, at home hair kits are the best options.

Ninety million people in the U.S. color their hair, so it’s no surprise that the “at-home color kit” concept has grown in leaps and bounds. Madison Reed, brainchild of start-up expert Amy Errett, boasts colorist Sally Hershberger as an adviser, and is

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Date: 01.21.13

Ombre is a buzzword that’s so popular these days that it has its own place in the dictionary. But at-home ombre hair coloring? That’s an entirely different story.

L’Oreal’s Feria Wild Ombre ($12.99) is the first of its kind to put the power of ombre directly in women’s hands. In other words, yes, you can get ombre at home—that is, as soon as the kit arrives in stores next month. At a recent event, L’Oreal executives  talked about the hot new hair coloring trends from around the world, including platinum blonde, red hair, and jet black. Ombre is very much a trend  ever since Lindsay Lohan showed  a picture of her hair tinted in several soft shades.

FeriaOmbreBrush2Celebrity hair colorist Christophe Robin says that the trick to doing ombre at home is the right formula and the right brush. “There’s a trick to getting it right,” he says. “Brush your hair and do the section behind your neck first; wear an old tee shirt and bring all your hair to the front [in other words, part your hair and bring the hair to the front], put the product on the brush and layer it on your hair.”

L'Oreal Paris Feria Wild Ombre in O60 For Medium to Dark Brown Hair

If you have a lot of thick hair, use more product; if you have finer hair, use less. L’Oreal Feria Wild was formulated with just the right amount of viscosity so that it doesn’t run all over your hair—it’s not too fluid as to be messy but flows enough so you can sweep it nicely on the ends of your hair. Robin also says that it’s important to use the brush horizontally and not vertically, since the color should be even across, and faded towards the ends. With L’Oreal’s new patented brush, you can target specific strands and create a lightened and darkened effect to your taste. Depending upon the intensity, you can achieve results in 25-49 minutes at home.

There are three shade ranges of Wild Ombre: for medium to dark hair, for dark blonde to light brown hair, and for light to medium blonde hair.

The formula uses a lightening technology that actually protects hair as it lightens it, and includes a Lightening Powder, a Creme and a Creme Developer to get the perfect look. It’s a three-part lightening system so that you can easily create ombré effects ranging from subtle and sexy to bold and edgy.


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