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Posted by 01.09.13

Sometimes, what a girl needs most is a magic wand, and we’re not talking about Harry Potter’s. Mascaras in every shape, size, and color have hit the market in the last few years, yet  there are still some new kids on the block to own and love in 2013. Here is what we’re currently coveting.

Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions ($8.95)

The idea behind Maybelline’s latest mascara is the fiber-fix brush and sealing formula, which work together to give you longer eyelashes. The package promises “dramatically longer lashes” and the slim long wand delivers beautifully in clump-free fashion. The wand also separates your lashes nicely. What you will not get is the volume, so if you wan

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Photo Credit: www.lancome-usa.com

Posted by 03.30.12

From big wands to oscillating applicators, mascaras have come a long way from the one size fits all brush of your grandmother’s era. And that’s a good thing, because not everyone’s needs and style are alike. To help in your quest to find the perfect lash enhancer, BITB has put together a list of some of the newest to hit beauty shelves and aisles. Length, volume and separation –you can have it all with the bounty of mascaras in the marketplace.

Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes, $26 – While the world may be agog for Lancôme’s oscillating mascara, BITB loves Doll Lashes. With a new cone-shaped brush, this mascara creates a big wide-eyed look fringed with thick and lengthened lashe

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Photo Credit: LORAC.com

Posted by 12.17.11

PRODUCT: LORAC Evening Out Complexion Kit

A flawless evening finish needs to stay looking great all night long - which means no oily shine or makeup meltdown. Luckily, our friends at LORAC have come up with the perfect solution: the Evening Out Complexion Kit. It comes in a sleek gunmetal case and it’s no bigger than a smart phone, so it it will fit perfectly in the tiniest of evening bags.  The kit features two creamy concealers and a smooth powder foundation, which are exactly the products I love to use on a daily basis. I want a concealer to cover blemishes and spots and a powder to even overall skin tone and give me that airbrushed look.

The LORAC Evening Out Complexion Kit in Light was wonderful for me. The concealers are the perfect shades for my skin and are silky smooth, covering all my problem spots. The powder does not have that dreaded powdery look that other ones tend to have, and the best part is that my skin looks great several hours after putting it on… no reapplying needed! I also love the puff applicator for the powder. It feels so nice against my skin.

Make sure you pick up the LORAC Evening Out Complexion Kit before your next night out and add one less worry to your list. Picking out your shoes, on the other hand…

Purchase it on www.loraccosmetics.com for $38.



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Posted by 11.08.11

You wouldn’t think of eating food past the expiration date, yet many women apply the same makeup for years. It’s unsanitary and bad for your delicate skin. “Cosmetics are made with organic materials so it’s important to clean out your makeup bag and cabinet regularly,” says Cindy Joseph, a former makeup artist and CEO of the cosmetics company BOOM! By Cindy Joseph. “Once the preservatives are past their potency, bacteria can grow creating possible infection – and natural makeup turns rancid even quicker. As a rule of thumb, if it smells funny or looks strange, toss it. Cleanliness plays a big part in your health which contributes to your beauty. Here’s a rundown on the shelf

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