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Photo Credit: facebook.com/algenis

Posted by 11.13.17

The oceans cover roughly 70 percent of the Earth and with a such a diverse array of plant and animal life, these waters are a veritable treasure trove of ingredients and extracts that can potentially benefit our skin and bodies as a whole. From an overabundance of UV light on the surface to complete darkness at the oceans’ deepest depths and extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), sea life is excellent at adapting to its environment, and science is paying close attention to the compounds that enhance these organisms’ resilience and resistance to harsh conditions. Seaweed, kelp (which is actually a type of large seaweed), algae and plankton are likely just the tip of the skin- and healt

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Photo Credit: shoplapraire.com

Posted by 10.16.13

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t get enough(or any)sleep,it shows all over your face?When you’re over tired,your skin acts tired too in the form of lackluster tone,texture,dark circles,and sagging.On the other hand,when you have had your full 8 hours,skin looks healthier,rosier,more vibrant,and even feels springier.Lisa Donofrio,MD“Lack of sleep causes blood vessels to dilate and leak,which contributes to dark circles.It makes you look sad and older,”says Lisa Donofrio,MD New York City dermatologist. Rubbing your eyes doesn’t help either. Burying your face in your pillow is also aging because it creates sleep creases that can later turn into wrinkles and pools fluids that cause

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Posted by 04.25.13

Put your money where your heart is tonight and support working women and men coping with cancer by making a beauty purchase on QVC. From 9 pm to 11pm ET, net proceeds from donated beauty products will benefit Cancer and Careers, a Cosmetic Executive Women Foundation program that helps people maintain their jobs and careers while undergoing cancer treatment.

CEW president Carlotta Jacobson will appear on air for the debut of Cosmetic Executive Women Present Beauty with Benefits, a multimedia event in support of Cancer and Careers. Fourteen brands have donated products for on-air sale, including favorites like Clinique, Tarte, and Clarisonic.

The good news is that QVC has guaranteed a

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Photo Credit: QVC.com

Date: 08.14.12

With every new wrinkle eraser comes a set of promises; most give assurances of erasing deep trenches in no time, but Algenist’s new Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer ($45) is very specific when it comes to declarations. It doesn’t use buzzwords like antiaging and eraser: instead, the product is touted as a wrinkle minimizer, specifically targeting deep lines that can really affect your confidence and add years to your appearance.

A new gel to hit the market, Algenist’s latest offering helps prime the skin and smooth the appearance of lines. It is purported to be the only anti-aging product on the market that harnesses the power of alguronic acid, which is a mix of algae extracts with anti-aging benefits. Upon contact with the skin, the alguronic acid filling spheres swell, creating an immediate smoother appearance. This technology is a key reason why the Minimizer acts so well as a primer—you can use it on your forehead, around your mouth, or anywhere you need a little plumping TLC before applying foundation.

Other ingredients include soy protein and echinacea, as well as an active peptide complex. Also notable is that this mixture is free from parabens and sulfates.

The best way to use the Minimizer is after cleansing and moisturizing, making sure that all other products have been absorbed. Apply the gel in the direction of the targeted wrinkle. I used this product twice a day, and noticed a difference in my wrinkles immediately (so yes, the “minimizing” effect in this definitely works), and my wrinkles looked much softer and less obvious in a week. The Algenist line is available at Sephora stores, but also through QVC, which offers auto replenishment every 60 days.

Under promise and over deliver? We think so.



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