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10-26-09 | Posted by


Photo Credit: www.sisley.fr

Sisley Supremya at Night Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care – The Sisley Family Jewel

The most expensive product launch we have seen from the House of Sisley in a decade, SUPREMYA stands tall even in a volatile economy where consumers are tightening their belts.

Intended to be used at night time,  Sisley Supremya was developed to optimize the future of your skin with the best possible skin rejuvenation and renewal process. The magic bullet behind this cross between a luxurious lotion and silky serum is the Phyto-complex LC12, a symphony of of four plant-based active ingredients. The complex is said to extend the life span of your skin cells and improve their quality of life, which translates to improving the texture, tone, quality and youthful activity of the skin. The theory behind the product is that with every application at night, Supremya works to undo the damage done to your skin during the day.

As with most of the Sisley anti-aging range that includes the best selling Sisleya Global Anti Age collection (which I have loved since its launch), the products deliver in terms of texture, pure botanical ingredients, delicious fragrances, and unparalleled comfort and luxury.  Supremya is lovely as you would expect, and goes on like a milky serum, is quickly absorbed, and leaves your skin feeling beautifully pampered. Unlike the myriad of rich super creams, this product is light enough to be very wearable for all skin types.  It can be applied to the face, neck and decollete – the areas that take the biggest beating during a day’s exposure to UV radiation, pollution, wear and tear.

With continued use, your skin can look and feel firmer, smoother, and radiant – but at this price point, it’s clearly not for everyone. Supremya’s price tag is $750 USD and £435 GBP for a 1.7 ounce golden pump. I am enjoying using my Supremya and shall cherish it to the very last drop.

Recent buzz from around the globe surrounding Supremya:

  • Seoul: 2,500 women pre-ordered the product exclusively from counters, and 5,000+ had purchased it a month later
  • France: After reaching counters in September, 1000+ units were purchased within the first 2 weeks
  • New York: During their annual “Beauty Event,” many Neiman Marcus stores ran out of stock
  • Japan: VOCE Platimum beauty magazine lists it in the “best cosmetic in my life” category

Available at Neiman Marcus, Harrod’s.


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