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Posted by 03.25.10

Photo Credit: leonorgreyl-usa.com

By Guest Bag Lady Diane Essig

Leonor Greyl – ”Huile de Palme” – Leonor Greyl is a genius at diagnosing and treating specific hair problems. So, my expectations for the Huile de Palme (palm oil) were very high. This treatment formulation is specifically recommended for hair that is dry, overprocessed, in need of colour maintenance and/or protection from damage by sun and water. My hair needs that and more….I have very fine, porous hair that has been coloured for years. It is subject to frizziness, flyaways, and a nice brassy look when the colour is oxidized. Freshly cut, tinted and blown-dry at my favorite salon, my hair looks fabulous! In my own hands, it is out-of-control and less than sleek. (Like many, I cannot style my hair the way my hairdresser can.)

So, I was very excited to try the Huile de Palme. Logically, the palm oil should help my hair look smoother, feel softer. The key would be to determine how much and when to apply it without looking greasy. (It turns out, less is best.) While not currently exposed to sun, salt and sand (it is winter in New York), cold, dry air does its share of damage. So, I tried it–as directed.

All you need is a small drop for pre-shampoo treatment. Massage (or comb) through hair, focusing on the ends where damage is most visible. Then shampoo. After allowing my hair to air dry, I reapplied a teeny drop of the palm oil just to the ends and scrunched my hair. The results were fabulous! My hair felt softer, smoother and had incredible shine. Compliments came fast and furious. This is one product I plan to continue to use.

Caveat: This is not a liquid except when the air temperature is very warm. It is a solid that must be melted under very hot water for 10-15 seconds to liquify even a bit of the product. Otherwise, you will never be able to get it out of the bottle. (A bit of a pain, I must say, and messy.)  Huile de Palme must have been developed during warmer months when it would be in a more user-friendly, liquidy-state. Once the air is below 77 degrees (as indicated in the instructions), it solidifies. (Summertime is too short for this product.)

Final Verdict – GGI (Got To Get It) – Your hair, especially if dry or frizzy, will thank you!



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