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Posted by 06.11.09


GERANIUM POUR MONSIEUR – I have never been one for men who douse themselves in cologne. It’s rather a girly thing to do, in my mind. Of course I’m also not very fond of guys who smell like the whiff you get of a sweaty cab driver on a sticky August day either. Deodorant is a good thing. However, I made a detour through Barney’s men’s shop recently – it was purely by accident I promise – I took a wrong turn past the Kiehl’s counter en route to the bar at Fred’s and got out on the wrong floor. Something simply marvelous caught my nose and I zeroed in to find out what. It was Geranium Pour Monsieur from Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums. This pleasant nose candy is light and floral but not in a frilly sort of way, and with a touch of fresh mint which makes it ever so manly. $135 is nothing to sneeze at as much as I’d like to think that the males in my life are worth any price tag. I had a sudden urge to buy some and carry it around in my bag to make the habitats of men kinder smelling places to go, but it’s a little high to spend on a room freshener. Perhaps I jest, but you get the point.

FINAL VERDICT – RDW (RUN DONT WALK) – THIS STUFF SMELLS AMAZING. Ladies if you want an exclusive, elegant and timeless guy gift, look no further.

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